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1. Terms of enrollment and payment

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1.1 General terms of payment

Enrolments and payment deadlines:

  1. On booking a stay, you accept the general conditions of Easy Languages. Bookings can be sent by mail, fax or e-mail via our online form, which is downloadable via our site or available in our brochure or on our site. For stays in a host family for 12 weeks or longer, please include (or send via email) a letter of introduction in the target language including three photos with descriptive captions as well as two passport photos.
  2. After receiving your form, we will send you a confirmation of receipt and an invoice. Confirmation of your enrolment on the course will not be fully confirmed until we have received a deposit of €250 (stays of 1 to 3 weeks), €750 (stays of 4 to 18 weeks) or of €1,500 (stays from 19 weeks) + travel costs if requested. The enrolment will be valid and confirmed, and the conditions of the stay will be considered understood and accepted by the participant from the reception of the confirmation and the payment of the initial deposit.
  3. For a stay of 1 to 11 weeks, the balance and all related fees should be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure (please see the terms of point 1.b if your stay is 12 weeks or longer). If a participant enrols less than 6 weeks before the date of departure, the balance should be paid in the week after the receipt of the invoice, or immediately, if the departure is within a fortnight.
  4. We undertake the enrolment with the school, the reservation of travel (if selected), the organisation of transfers (optional, upon request) and accommodation, as well as all other related services (for example assistance in obtaining a visa) without additional administrative fees. In the fortnight before departure, and only after the payment of the complete balance of the stay, you will receive the details of your host family or information concerning your residence , practical information about the town, important contacts, what to bring, etc, and if applicable, the details of reserved transportation.

Type of payment

We accept payments by cash, bank transfer or credit card (Mastercard or Visa only). Payments are received by the head office in Brussels. In the case of credit card payments a 2% card processing and handling fee is added. It is possible to pay only the deposit by credit card, and the balance by bank transfer.

Late Bookings

Late enrolments (between 17/06 and 05/09 - less than 4 weeks before departure; rest of the year - less than 2 weeks before departure) are accepted depending on availability. In cases where the required programme is no longer available, we will highlight other equivalent options. Bookings sent to us less than 10 days before departure will incur an administrative fee of €25 for priority treatment.

In the case of late enrolments, the full amount should be paid immediately. A late fee of €90 will be added if a visa is necessary in order to cover the express mail courier fees. The accommodation address and other useful information will be given to you before departure by telephone, fax or e-mail.

1.2 Terms of payment for stays of longer than 12 weeks


Except by contrary indication on your confirmation or by individual arrangement, the balance of the programme is settled through 3 instalments as follows: for departures between June and October: the 15th of January, 15th of March and 15th of May before departure. For departures between November and May: the 15th of June, 15th of September and 15th of December before departure. The balance can be settled in one single payment in the case of sums lower than €3000.
The final balance of each stay is due at the very latest 8 weeks before departure. In the case of a late enrolment (less than 8 weeks before departure), the balance is due immediately. The documents and details of the stay are sent after the full balance has been paid.

On-site Accommodation fees:

For the enrolment in classes, the travel and the insurance, the payment is made in advance, as well as for the entire or partial booking of accommodation. For certain programmes, accommodation fees can be paid directly during the stay, to the host family or the local accommodation officer, by arrangement with the hosts. The participant is therefore free to discontinue their accommodation by forfeiting their deposit or by giving advanced notice (generally 2 to 4 weeks). These terms will be further defined upon enrolment.

1.3 Terms of payment for Highschool programms

Once we received your enrollment form, we send a pre-confirmation to you, in which we indicate the total amount to pay.

Once you received the pre-confirmation, you pay a €90-fee for an interview and a level test. The sum need to be paid at the very latest on the day of the interview. This fee is not reimbursable and is deducted from the balance in once the student is fully enrolled upon the programme.

Within the 8 days following Easy Language's confirmation (after the interview) : first payment of 25% of the balance - minimum €1 500. We do not send your application to our partner until the deposit has been paid.

120 days before departure : second payment of 25% of the balance

80 days before departure : full balance is paid. We do not send the documents related to visa (where applicable), school, accommodation, travel (etc.) until the balance has been fully paid.

Type of payment

Payments are received by the head office in Brussels. In the case of credit card payments a 2% card processing and handling fee is added. It is possible to pay only the deposit by credit card, and the balance by bank transfer.

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