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2. Prices of stays: best price guarantee and prices in other currencies

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2.1 Best Price Guarantee

For all stays of 4 weeks or longer, if during the 15 days after your enrolment you find exactly the same programme including exactly the same features for the same dates (same school, same town, same course, same accommodation and same duration) offered by a different language travel agent, from the agency’s official catalogue in the same currency (this excludes all promotional offers, internet promotions or individualized offers) at a lower price than at Easy Languages, we will reimburse the difference. This guarantee is also valid for all Individual Home Stay (private teacher) programmes, and includes stays of a one-to-three week duration.

2.2 Prices for stays outside the Eurozone (England - USA - Canada - Australia - New zealand)

Easy Languages offers you complete transparency when it comes to prices, by avoiding including the fees connected to exchange rates and working with original currencies where possible. Our prices for these destinations are therefore closed, defined and are expressed in dollars our pound (American, Australian, Canadian or New Zealand, depending on your destination) which becomes the currency of reference for the cost of your stay.

You have the choice between :

  • Paying in dollars or pound the sum that is featured in our price tables (by bank transfer or credit card to our specific account noted in the confirmation and invoice we send you, with the symbol $ or £). This sum does not fluctuate before departure.
  • Paying the sum at an equivalent figure using the day’s currency in Euros. This sum will be fixed if the total amount is paid in one installment within 7 days following the dispatch of our confirmation and invoice (email or fax). Beyond this time it could vary (rising or falling). In this case, we will send you another calculation from the receipt of the balance.

Payments that are made in other currencies other than the reference currency will be increase by 4% to cover the daily fluctuations, conversion rates and cross-currency transfers. If the prices of the stay is to be paid in several installments, these installments must be made in the same currency.

2.3 Validity

The prices are valid for the year in which the participant began their enrolment. If a participant enrols for a departure in the following year, the price are guaranteed if the prices are paid in full before the 31st of October of the current year.

2.4 Discounts

Family and loyalty discount for the 2nd inscription (and any more thereafter) per family in the same residence

Minigroup discount when 3 or more participants enrol together for the same programme. This reduction is cumulative with the previous discount.

The rate for these two discounts vary according to the duration of your stay:

  • €15 (stays of 2 to 4 weeks)
  • €25 (stays of 5 to 11 weeks)
  • €75 (stays of 12 weeks or more)

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