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3. Travel and Programme Organisation

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3.1 Travel Documents

All participants are assumed to have arranged travel documents. For nationals of European Union members, identity card is sufficient for stays within Europe. A passport and a visa are necessary in principal for stays outside Europe. You will receive the necessary documents for obtaining a visa once the deposit has been paid. Please take care to make sure that give yourself enough time to complete the visa and passport processes – these can take several weeks. No reimbursement of the programme is possible in cases where the visa is refused or the visa process was not completed on time, except for those who have taken out a cancellation guarantee with us (see point 4 for the conditions of reimbursement).

3.2 Transport

Except for the accompanied travel service to Bournemouth, the organisation of transportation is placed under the responsibility of the participant and/or his parents. However we can, upon request and under certain conditions, look after your transport tickets according to the destination (excluding Low Cost flight companies).

We decline all responsibilities in case of services running late, accidents, strikes, loss, or other travel service related incidents (including bus, coach, ferry, railway or airline services). We will however intervene at the best of our ability in order to limit the consequences that these events can cause. The additional fees arising from these unforeseen events remain totally the responsibility of the participant and/or his parents.

In the case of our accompanied travel service to Bournemouth, and should the participants figures not be sufficient, Easy Languages reserves the right to use public transport coach lines instead of private coach companies.

3.3 School rules and regulations

The participant will make sure they understand and follow the rules of the place of study that they are attending, particularly regarding attendance (compulsory) of all lessons and punctuality. Participants are not allowed to miss lessons, except by the permission of the centre’s director for medical or other special circumstances.

3.4 Dates of programme, timetable and duration of lessons

By default and unless otherwise mentioned, stays run from Sunday to Saturday. In the case of arrival before or after these dates, fees for additional nights will be added. If the reserved programme includes a transfer only on fixed dates, transfer fees could also be increased. Lessons can take place in the morning or the afternoon depending on the language level of the participants and the specific course type. The duration of lessons is specified in minutes in every programme description. Each class is generally somewhere between 40 and 60 minutes of teaching (the most common duration is 45 minutes). Attendance of all classes is compulsory.

3.5 Vacations and public holidays

Classes do not take place during official holidays in the host country (list available upon request). Except from individual lessons and Individual Home Stay (private teacher) programmes, these lessons will be neither rescheduled nor reimbursed.

3.6 Host family accommodation

Host families are not necessarily ‘traditional’ families: all type of families (traditional families, remarried families, retired couples, single parents, etc) can host our students. The description of the family and/or the accommodation given before departure is for information only, and is not contractual.

3.7 Special Diet

A supplement of 45€/week will be billed for any special diet requests, such as vegetarian or halal diets. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of such diets for every destination or every time of the year. In the case that a special dietary request cannot be honored, the supplement will be refunded. No further indemnities will be offered.

3.8 Age of participants

The ages mentioned in the brochure are for information only. A younger or older participant could be allowed to participate in a programme depending on their motivation and/or places available.

3.9 Problems and disputes arising during the stay

In the case of any problems during the stay, the participant should without delay inform our office in Brussels and the local coordinator, so that we are able to investigate and intervene immediately. If a problem arises which cannot be resolved on-site, all information regarding the complaint should be sent to us by post in the 15 days following the discovery of a point which could be contentious. In the case of serious disputes, only the courts of Brussels or Namur are capable of addressing the issues.

3.10 Student Status

For all stays, if the occasion arises, the participant retains student status and is enrolled full time in a fully established teaching institution. Easy Languages can send participants, by request, a certificate that may allow them to receive family allowance, for Belgian residents in particular.

3.11 On-site changes to the programme

If after arrival, the academic or linguistic level of a participant is confirmed to be wrongly allocated, the academic management and/or Easy Languages reserve the right to direct the enrolment to a more appropriate programme, without compensation or reimbursement. The possible difference in prices between an old and new programme, including supplementary language lessons if necessary, will then be the responsibility of the participant.

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