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4. Changing programme and Cancellation

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4.1 Changing a reservation

Before departure

For each change of the reservation before departure, we will factor in a fee between 45 to 90€ (except for an extension of the duration of the course or of the number of hours of lessons). A change of school before the departure is considered like a cancellation.

During the stay:

A change of school during the stay is considered the same as a cancellation. Once the stay has commenced, no reimbursement will be accorded for an early return home, either voluntarily decided upon, or as a result of expulsion. In the case of an early end to the programme due to exceptional circumstances, and only after written agreement with the local and Belgian management, the only reimbursement or credit notes that will be dispensed will be for the remaining complete months, and could be subject to administrative fees. For all other changes in courses and the programme (type of accommodation, intensity of lessons, etc), please contact our head office in Brussels.

Extension of a programme:

All requests for an extension of the programme will be accepted according to availability and without alteration fees, but will be confirmed at the normal rates, rather than at the derived ‘supplementary week’ rate. Any arising alternation fees for travel remain the responsibility of the participant.

Changing transportation:

For all travel or transfers reserved by Easy Languages, in the case of a change in reservation after the confirmation, alteration or cancellation fees for plane or train tickets or transfers will be billed in full with a minimum of €45 administration fees.

4.2 Cancellation by the participant

All cancellations by the participant should be notified by mail or by email, and will lead to cancellation fees. The date from which the fees due will be calculated will be from the next working day following the date that the letter or email is received.
If the cancellation also concerns a travel reservation, the amount charged will not be reimbursable in any case, and will not be covered by the optional cancellation guarantee. The sum for insurances and guarantees contracted with Easy Languages will remain owed to the company.

Cancellation of the whole language programme:

  • More than 45 days before departure: we retain 100% of the deposit
  • Between 45 and 20 days before departure: we retain 30% of the total sum of the programme (or the sum of the deposit if this is more)
  • Between 19 and 8 days before departure: we retain 60% of the total sum of the programme
  • Between 7 and 5 days before departure: we retain 80% of the total sum of the programme
  • Less than 5 days before departure: we retain 100% of the total sum of the programme

Cancellation of academic programmes

The following conditions for cancellation are applicable to all programmes which include academic classes for all or part of the programme (High School, UK College, American College or University, etc). Once the deposit has been paid, and after the checks for language / academic level have been passed, Easy Languages will send a more comprehensive enrolment file which will need to be completed and sent back before an arranged deadline. If this file is not sent back before the deadline, the enrolment is cancelled. A conventional cancellation fee equal to the deposit will be owed to Easy Languages to cover the administrative and document fees.

In the case of cancellation by the participant after the Easy Languages has received the enrolment file, the contract is considered rightfully terminated. A conventional and unalterable cancellation fee will be owed to Easy Languages by the participant.

  • More than 180 days before the departure : 20% of the total sum of the programme
  • Between 180 and 46 days before departure : 50% of the total sum of the programme
  • Between 45 and 15 days before departure : 80% of the total sum of the programme
  • Less than 15 days before departure : 100% of the total sum of the programme

Cancellation due to a second exam sitting

At the exception of a sum of €50 to cover administrative fees, the entirety of the programme fees (except for transport) will be reimbursed, as long as an official confirmation of results is provided to us within 2 days following the posting of results. This clause is valid for programmes in Europe from the 14th of July until the 31st of August.

Cancellation Guarantee

You are able to purchase a cancellation guarantee which will cover a participant who has to cancel their programme before departure due to serious illness who has been ordered to stay in bed by a doctor, or has had an accident, or has failed at school (see our page Insurance and Guarantees for full information).

4.3 Cancellation by Easy Languages

In the event of cancellation of a programme on our part, the entirety of the amount charged will be reimbursed and a credit note of €100 valid for any other programme will be awarded, to the exclusion of any other compensation.

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