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5 - 17 yrs - Salamanca | Residential Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Salamanca !


Language programme in Salamanca

Salamanca, UNESCO-listed since 1988, is famous throughout Spain for its prestigious university in addition to its beautifully preserved old town. Salmantinos are renowned for their Spanish language courses, and Salamanca draws students from all over the world every year. Language credentials aside, Salamanca is perfect for peaceful strolls by the river in the "almost permanent" summer sun.

The campus

The summer camp programme is held in the "historic heart" of Salamanca's old town, in a U shaped 5 storey 16th century building with breathtaking views over the neighbouring Las Bernardas church and a historical indoor patio.

School facilities:

The local public swimming pool will also be accessible (participants are always accompanied and supervised by monitors).


Spanish course

20 Spanish lessons per week

Activities & excursions

Along with Spanish lessons, students take part in a whole range of exciting sports, Spanish culture and leisure activities during their stay. During the activity programme, students are divided into 3 different age groups - 5-10s, 11-14s and 15-17s

Some of the many activities available include:

Culture and leisure activities every afternoon: guided tour of Salamanca, Casa de las Conchas, the Cathedral, etc.

Various sports: swimming, basketball, volleyball, frisbee, badminton, etc.

Day trips: visit of Burgos, Avila, Segovia, Ciudad Rodrigo, the typical and picturesque villages of La Alberca, Alba de Tormes, et.

Evening activities: barbecue, movie night, disco, theme night, treasure hunt, shows (concerts, plays, talent show), etc.

Please find below a sample of day schedule (given as example only and subject to modification):

Optional Extras (please note students may only choose one option per session of 2 weeks)

Please note that due to scheduling conflicts, students who enroll in these optional programmes may not always be able to participate in all of the other camp activities.




Dates & Prices 2019

Dates 2019

Summer Sessions : from June 30 to August 10

Sessions start dates: June 30, July 14 and 28

Camp sessions last for 2 weeks ; 4-weeks sessions are also available.

Prices 2019

Prices include:

Prices do not include:

Practical information


Arrivals: Sunday

Departures: Saturday

Arrival/departure airports or stations:

Please note: Do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your enrolment in your chosen course.

Permission to leave the grounds (15+ only)

Camp staff and directors are aware that many senior campers enjoy a certain level of freedom at home and expect to be able to meet with friends and go off-campus in an unsupervised fashion. For this reason we allow our students a limited number of unescorted trips off-campus during each 2-week session.

Students must be over 15 and present a signed consent form from their parents in order to be granted permission to leave the grounds unaccompanied by an adult until 22.30 only 3 times per session of 2 weeks. The specific days are determined by the camp director.

Students under 15 and students over 15 without a signed parental consent form, will not be allowed to leave the grounds.

The whole course and activity programme is organised in order to occupy the students' timetable as much as possible.

Visa Information

You might need a visa for this course. For more information please visit our Visa Information page.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you require any additional information.