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5. Responsibilities of the participant and Easy Languages

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5.1 Responsibility of the participant

  • All participants are expected to have arranged travel documents. See our point about Travel Documents.
  • All participants are expected to have arranged adequate insurance (medical feels, civil responsibility…)
  • All participants are responsible for their travel documents and are obliged to arrive on time at the arranged meeting. For all stays, Easy Languages takes no responsibility for lost or stolen luggage including accidents taking place during the stay. Participants are expected to thoroughly respect the laws and rules of caution which are implied in such a stay – particularly when going out at night and travelling.
  • All participants should follow the rules of the programme or the language stay. All serious or repeated poor behavior which goes against the spirit of the programme, including prejudice against the school, the host family, or the organisation, or necessitating the intervention of the local police, will result in the immediate expulsion and return of the participant to their home country, at the expense of the participant, and without any compensation for the remaining uncompleted part of their stay.

5.2 Responsibility of Easy Languages

  • Easy Languages reserves the right to refuse an enrolment or to expel a participant if their behavior has a detrimental effect on the functioning of a programme, if they go against the rules of the institution or if they infringe upon the laws of the host country. All related fees (return travel, fines, etc) are the responsibility of the participant or of their parents if the occasion arises. The participant and their parents are also held responsible for all damages or losses incurred during their stay.
  • Easy Languages reserves the right to refuse an enrolment or to immediately expel all participants who present a medical or mental condition not already notified in writing at enrolment and which requires specific treatment and routine follow-up.
  • Easy Languages cannot be held responsible for being unable to ensure the continued provision of the service initially arranged in the case of failure of its service providers, serious conflicts or troubles outside its control. Easy Languages cannot be held responsible for losses, damages suffered to the person or goods of the person regardless of the cause. Only the responsibility of the service provider (school, airline company…) can be addressed.
  • Easy Languages reserves the right to change pre-notification the contents of its catalogue and its chosen service providers.
  • Easy Languages reserves the right to keep and/or use promotionally the testimonials and photographs that are taken from within its partner schools or during a language stay. Personal information contained in the application file will remain completely confidential, as in accordance with law.

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