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6. Special Conditions for underage participants and accompanied programmes

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6.1 Lateness or Loss of Documents

In case of lateness on the participant’s side which prevents them from taking part in an activity or an organised trip, no reimbursement or compensation will be given. In the case of lateness, loss of tickets or absence of valid ID documents or other events which prevent a participant from completing his/her return trip on the expected date, the responsibility of Easy Languages beyond the duration of the reserved programme is limited to informing the parents or, in the case of absence, the emergency contact persons indicated on the enrolment form. They will have the choice of either intervening personally or requesting the organisation to intervene. In this second case, the organisation will fully assist the participant, for example in arranging a new return ticket, after the supplementary fees for accommodation/meals/travel/communication and other possible extra guardianship fees have been paid in full.

6.2 Rules and discipline

The participant must comply strictly with the laws of the country of residence, as well as with the rules and usual habits of the host family and school. Participants undertake to understand and respect the rules and regulations of the educational institution that they will attend, in particular regarding attendance (compulsory) at all lessons and participation in activities / visits during the stay When they are part of the program. Easy Languages ​​reserves the right to refuse registration or to expel a participant if his/her behavior is detrimental to the proper functioning of the program, violates the rules of the institution or violates the law of the host country. In particular, any case of theft, drunkenness, consumption of illicit substance, sexual misconduct or any form of psychological or physical harassment shall constitute grounds for immediate dismissal. All expenses related to the return (return journey, fines, etc.) are the responsibility of the participant or his / her parents or guardians. The participant and his / her parents are also responsible for any damage or loss incurred during their stay. EL reserves the right to turn down an application or to immediately send back home any participant who has a medical and / or psychological condition not communicated in writing at the time of registration and which requires a specific follow-up.

6.3 Underage participants, group leaders' and organiser's reponsabilities

During supervised stays in Bournemouth, the role of the group leaders consists of accompanying students during the journey, organising activities and promptly aiding participants in the event of problems. The participants are generally placed in host families – neither the group leaders nor the organisation have a measure of control over the comings and goings of individual participants or are able to monitor their journeys or what they do when they go out, outside the organised activities.

We require that participants, particularly underage participants, who enrol in our programmes show sufficient maturity and self-discipline especially regarding curfews as well as politeness and courtesy towards the host families. For evenings out, we expect the following times of arrival back at the host family: Under 15 years old: no unaccompanied evenings out is allowed ; 15–16 years old inclusive: return home 22.00 at the latest; 17 years and over: return at 23.30 at the latest.

We strictly insist that participants stay with their host families or residence in the evening. If you would like a different arrangement we ask that you communicate your request in writing before departure; the host family/residence rules will however override any permission given to go out late by the student's parents. We repeat these terms to participants during the group travel at Easter and in the summer and relay any indications of violations of this agreement to the student's parents and we will also pass this onto the school or the host family, so that they can intervene directly with the participant concerned.

For Junior programmes: unaccompanied nights out are not allowed, and all evenings are spent with the host family or at the school. Outside Europe, unaccompanied nights out for underage participants are not allowed, except when participating in an organised activity within a supervised group.

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