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7. Insurance and guarantees

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To complement your existing insurance, we offer the following additional coverage:

7.1. Cancellation Guarantee

For all our stays, you can purchase an optional cancellation guarantee with Easy Languages. The cancellation guarantee amounts to 3% of the total sum of the programme for stays of 12 weeks or more, and 4% of the total sum of the programme for stays of less than 12 weeks. If you wish to purchase this guarantee, you should sign up for it at the time of enrolment. This guarantee applies to the total fees of the programme, with only the exclusion of travel. It covers the insured person who has to cancel their programme before departure due to serious illness (with medical authority advising bed rest), accident, exam resits, failure at school and visa refusal. In the case of an event causing cancellation, the participant must inform the organiser in writing and submit the required supporting evidence within 3 days. In the case of cancellation supported by a medical certificate, the company reserves the right to request a medical examination of the participant.

If the cancellation guarantee becomes applicable, the amount of the stay is reimbursed. The reimbursement will be made exclusively by bank transfer into an indicated account, minus the deductible and minus the cost of the cancellation guarantee. For programmes outside Europe, for cancellations due to visa refusal and for the stays more than 4 weeks long, the deductible sum amounts to the deposit. For other stays the deductible sum is €90.

For stays which require a student visa, the insurance covers the non-issuance of the visa. In case of visa refusal, the letter of the school (original) and evidence of refusal should be sent to us by email and then by registered post, mentioning your full details for the reimbursement. The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer to the account given, minus the deposit and the cost of the cancellation guarantee.

7.2. Additional medical insurance

All participants are held responsible for ensuring they have sufficient travel insurance which covers medical fees, repatriation costs and accident coverage. If you do not currently have such insurance, Easy Language can offer you a complete insurance covering illness, accidents, hospitalization, repatriation, etc.
In Europe, citizens of the European Community are covered by social security and. School staff is available to help you in case you have to go to a doctor or dentist. Your insurance or your social security agency can give you the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on request. For all stays outside the EU, participants must purchase health insurance + accident-assistance / repatriation. For stays within the EU, this additional coverage is optional, but highly recommanded in order to benefit from rapatriation and medical assitance.

Our insurance policy covers participants domiciled around the world to the following conditions:

Participants living in the EU (Shengen area*):

  • Staying in Europe: 15 € per week, 45 € per month, with an annual limit of 280 €.
  • Staying outside of Europe: 20 € per week, 60 € per month, with an annual limit of 360 €.
  • When the limit is reached: coverage of 12 months for a stay up to 6 months.

Participants originated outside the EU:

  • 20 € per week, 60 € per month, with an annual limit of 360 €.

    • Europe: Germany - Andorra - Austria - Baleares - Belarus - Belgium -Bosnia-Herzegovina- Bulgaria - Cyprus - Croatia - Denmark - Spain except Canary- Estonia - Finland - France except overseas - Gibraltar - Greece + islands -Hungary - Ireland - + islands Italy - Latvia - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg -Macedonia - Malta - Monaco - Norway - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal except Azores and Madeira - Romania - UK - San Marino - Slovakia - Slovenia - Sweden - Switzerland - Czech Republic - Turkey (European part) - Ukraine - Vatican.

7.3. Medical Insurance for Australia

Students who are going to Australia on a student visa have to have a special insurance for foreign students. The amount of money you have to pay for this "Overseas Student Health Cover" varies depending on the duration of your stay.

The fact of enrolling in one of our programmes implies full agreement to our terms.

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