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Bursaries & aids

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Bursaries and aids available to French citizens

Leaving for a language programme abroad can represent a challenge moneywise.

To finance those language programmes abroad, there exists bursaries and finacial aids. Here is the list of leads you can check up.

This is a non exhaustive list, don't hesitate to try all the possible routes available for a bursary!

Corporate committees

In many companies, corporate committees offer help for the employee's children. Those can be bursaries for language stays, summer vacation, holiday vouchers, etc. This is a good place to start investigating. Those paying methods are accepted by Easy languages.

Your city hall

Your city hall can provide aids for summer holidays. Sometimes helping you finance a language programme or a summer camp.

Child benefit fund

The child benefit fund might help you pay your trip. They might provide a bursary or holiday vouchers. Please check the CAF website.

Twinning committee and local associations

In certain towns, the twinning committee and foreigner associations can be very active and beneficial. Some committee offer a bursary for language programmes or financial aids to go abroad to discover the twin town. You can ask your twinning committee if they can offer you support for your travels.

Regions and departments

Most of the regions and departments offer fincancial support for summer stays. They might include a bursary for a language course. Their summ can vary depending on your region and studies. Communities are excellent opportunities. Don't hesitate to try the town hall, general council, regonial council ...

National department for education

The national department for education provides bursaries to study abroad. The conditions for those bursaries are very specific. Visit the National department for education website for more information.

Ministry of Foreign affairs

The Ministry of Foreign affairs provides bursaries to study abroad also with very specific conditions. Visit their webpage to see if your language programme fits the criteria.

International associations

Certain international associations offer bursaries to study abroad. Most of those are only granted trough a very selective process aiming to encourage the best academic performances in chosen fields. Please check if your case might fill in the requirements.

Companies, banks, retirement funds and health insurance

Some international companies can offer a bursary for volunteering or language programmes abroad. Retirement funds or health insurance might also have financial aids for studies abroad.

French-German youngster office (OFAJ)

This organization offers many possibilities for youngsters and professionals who wish to learn German. Check their website and see if their study grant match your programme. Some are very suitable for Easy Language in Germany.

Embassies and intercultural cooperation offices

Some Embassies offer a bursary to learn the language of their country. Some offices and corporations that promote cross country cooperation can provide funds for language travels.

European Commission : Erasmus and Leonardo

The European Commission offers financial support for students willing to study or have professional experience abroad. The most well-known bursary programmes abroad are Erasmus (studies) and Leonardo (internship). Please check their website for more information.

School establishment

Your school (college or high school) sometimes has social funds aimed for students experimenting difficulties. This social fund may help you finance a language programme that you would follow with your classmates. Most of the time they are granted to the families with the less income and to students with good grades.

Mobility aid

If you wish to follow an exchange program or undertake an internship abroad for the purpose of your studies, you can ask for a mobility fund to face the difficulties. These funds are granted on social criteria. Please note that it is only available for stays between 2 and 9 months.

The necessary files are available at your university's international relations department. The funds are granted to the programme chosen by the university in between all the students requests.

Please check the government website for more information.

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