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Easy Languages

Easy Languages: a high quality organisation

Quality Guarantee:

Easy Languages is committed to offering high quality courses. We are accredited by several organisations including L'Office, SYTA, IALC and ICEF.


Easy Languages, member of the national guarantee office for language courses, is dedicated to the Quality contract terms, developed in collaboration with parents alliances and approved customer associations.

Easy Languages has been the proud partner of L'Office for several years. Our initiative is to offer students the most competitive prices, while guaranteeing the best quality courses.

Easy Languages is the first non-French organisation to be accredited by L'Office. For more information about L'Office and the quality contracts, follow this link:

Our commitments:


As member of the National Guarantee Office for language Courses (L'Office), Easy Languages is agreed by FELCA (Federation of Education and Language Consulting Associations) worldwide.


SYTA is a non-profit professional trade association, which aims to:

SYTA is based in the USA and Easy Languages has been a member since 2011. Find out more information here.


Founded in 1983, the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) is a network of high-quality, independent language schools teaching their native language to international students. Located in famous capital and university cities, beautiful beach resorts and historic towns worldwide, IALC-accredited language schools provide effective language courses and cultural immersion for all ages, needs and interests.

Easy Languages has been in partnership with IALC since 2012. For more information follow this link:


ICEF is an international organisation that aims to help educational organisations in their recruitment process. By naming Easy Languages as an "ICEF agency", the organisation guarantees the quality of our agency as a language programme operator as well as a recruitment agency within the education sector.

More information on ICEF's website: