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English in Bournemouth, Westbourne Academy, ages 17+

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Programme Summary:

  • English courses year round for ages 17+
  • General, intensive or Cambridge preparation courses
  • Host family accommodation near to the school
  • International groups
  • Smaller prices for longer stays



Bournemouth is without a doubt one of the best student towns on England's southern coast. Its charm, quaintness and miles of beach coupled with accommodating facilities have helped make it an important centre for tourism, education and business. The city offers a well-organized transportation system, with an excellent network of buses and trains extending throughout Britain and to many parts of Europe. London is just an hour and a half away by train.

Bournemouth is also a very lively city with many sporting events throughout the year (regattas, car races, tennis tournaments, surfing competitions...). The pedestrianised shopping area and the large parks are right next to each other. The warm climate year round and sandy beaches make for the perfect destination any time of year, both for younger and older students.


Westbourne Academy is situated in an ideal location, just 1 kilometre from the sandy beaches of Bournemouth and only 500 meters from the diverse and stylish shopping centre of Westbourne. In this suburban neighbourhood, students find all the conveniences of banks, a post office, international restaurants, classic English pubs and a variety of retail outlets to satisfy every taste. Downtown Bournemouth is 1.5 kilometres to the east and Poole 3 kilometres to the west. These towns are famous for their international resorts and sailing centres, yet students retain a serious attitude towards their studies at Bournemouth University, Bournemouth College or Poole College.

Westbourne Academy is a recognized Cambridge Exam preparation centre, a member of "English in Britain" (Association of Recognized Language Schools) and accredited by the British Council.


Westbourne Academy is open to motivated teens and adults ages 16 and up from beginner to advanced. Classes are each 40 minutes long, with a maximum of 12 students per class.

Westbourne offers the following courses:

  • Standard Course: 20 lessons per week (not during summer: 4 week minimum. During summer: from 1 week) Courses take place in the morning or afternoon from Monday to Friday and are available for all levels. Designed for students who want to combine their studies with leisure. During the Easter and summer holidays, we suggest signing up for the activity programme. Please click here for more information.

  • Semi-Intensive Course: 28 lessons per week (not during summer 4 weeks minimum. During summer from 1 week)
    Classes take place in the morning and part of the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. These courses are designed for students who are looking for a more intensive experience.

  • Intensive Course: 40 lessons per week (from 1 to 4 weeks)
    Courses are in the morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday. Designed for students who either need to or want to quickly improve their English . The programme focuses on the four competencies of language (reading, writing, oral expression and understanding). It is not available for students who already have a high level of English.

  • Cambridge Exam Preparation: 28 lessons per week (10, 12 or 16 weeks) This programme is designed for students who want to take the Cambridge exams (FCE for intermediate - advance levels, CAE for advanced levels and CPE for very advanced levels). The programmes include 20 general English lessons + 8 lessons exclusively focused on exam preparation. The sessions last 10, 12 or 16 weeks, depending on the dates. The price for these programmes is the same as the Semi-Intensive programme.

  • Private Lessons & Excursions (15-20 years old, from 1 to 4 weeks)
    An entirely personalized experience of 15 lessons per week and can be combined with the activity programme on offer during Easter and summer. Available for 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Private Lessons for Professionals (from 1 to 4 weeks)
    25 one-on-one lessons per week as well as a midday meal with your teacher. Guarantees significant progression in a short period of time.


Host Families

For a true immersion experience, we recommend staying with a host family. The majority of our host families have been looking after students for years and are quite accustomed to it. They are regularly inspected by representatives of the school and are almost entirely the reason students leave Bournemouth with fond memories. (If you are a former student and wish to return to a host family you have stayed with in the past, please indicate this on your enrolment form.)

Half board is provided Monday to Friday. It is up to the student to purchase lunch during the week, which can be done either at the school's cafeteria or at the many local sandwich shops or restaurants. Students receive full board on the weekend.

The families are generally situated in a residential area roughly 20-30 minutes walk from the school, or close to a bus stop. Bus journeys are straightforward and simple, and the families will be able to tell the students which buses to take.

Outside of the Easter and summer holidays, students are able to book a single room without any extra cost. During these holidays, however, demand is much higher and individual rooms are therefore much rarer. Students can still try to reserve an individual room that is at an extra cost and subject to availability.

Please note that families will not take care of washing the student's clothes.


Group Travel

During July and August, as well as during the Belgian Easter holidays, we organise weekly accompanied travel to Bournemouth from Brussels, Mons, Lille and Paris.

More information about the accompanied travel to Bournemouth.

Individual travel organised by Easy Languages

We can organise individual travel (un-accompanied) by plane to England, not on the dates mentioned above. Flights can be booked from Brussels and Paris to Southampton airport. The prices indicated are guide prices and are subject to availability.

Travel and transfers organised by yourself

Students can also make their own travel arrangements. In some cases, transfers from airports or stations in Bournemouth, Southampton and London can be arranged for an additional fee, see price table.

Prices & Dates 2015

  • Lessons begin every Monday. Stays take place from Sunday to Saturday, except if traveling with Easy Languages (see dates below).

  • The school will be closed on the following dates: 3rd and 6th April, 4th and 25th May, 31st August and during the Christmas holidays (21st December 2015 to 1st January 2016). No lessons will take place on these dates and they will not be refunded.

  • Easter and Summer stays 2015 with accompanied travel, including excursions and group leaders: from Sunday 05th April to Saturday 18th April and from Sunday 27th June to Saturday 29th August.

  • Beginners start on: 5th January, 2nd March, 27th April, 22nd June, 1st September, 26th October 2015. Arrivals are on the Saturday or Sunday before these dates.

  • FCE exam dates are: 5th January, 2nd and 30th March, 1st and 28th September.

  • CAE and CPE exam dates are: 2nd and 30th March, 2nd and 28th September.

  • Please Note: One week stays are only possible during Easter and Summer. Outside of these periods, the minimum duration is 4 weeks, with the exceptions of programmes including 40 lessons and individual lessons, for which the minimum duration is 2 weeks.

Accompanied travel - Easter and Summer -

All taxes included

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Accompanied travel to Bournemouth (Easter and Summer) - Transfer on arrival included
One way (arrival or departure) travel from Brussels, Mons or Lille145 €
Return travel from Brussels, Mons or Lille250 €
One way travel (arrival or departure) from Paris225 €
Return travel from Paris395 €

Prices Include:

  • Chosen course
  • Accommodation with a host family, double room (summer) and single room (not during Summer)
  • Full board on the weekends and half-board during the week
  • School books and materials
  • All taxes and enrollment fees

Prices do not include:

  • Travel to and from Bournemouth
  • Midday meals with host families
  • Local transport
  • Cambridge exam, if exam preparation programme is selected

Visa Information

Do you need a Visa for this programme? For more information please see our page Visa Information.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone if you require any further information


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