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English in Goa - India

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Programme Summary

  • For ages 18 and up
  • Accommodation in a residence or host family
  • From 1 to 32 weeks
  • English, Yoga, & Cooking options


Discover Goa

Goa, the smallest state in India, but undeniably one of the most beautiful, is located in the west of the country with Panaji (Panjim) as its capital city, it has approximately 1.4 million inhabitants.

The population of Goa is a real mix of people and religions, mostly made up of Hindus (65%) and Catholics (24%). There is also a small Muslim community.

The weather in Goa is pleasant and sunny, with no real extreme in temperature - except for monsoon season, which generally runs from June to September.

Bikes are the best way of getting around, giving you the freedom of going wherever you like whenever, all while taking in the natural beauty of the landscape. You can rent bikes at the school, from just €2 per day.


The school is fully air-conditioned and has eight fully equipped class rooms, a cyber café, a restaurant, a Bollywood style bar, gardens, a large terrace and a pool.

You will only be a few minutes from the beautiful beach of Benaulim. There really is no better place to learn English than this school in exotic Goa.


In Goa we have a full-time activity coordinator to help students get the most out of their stay in India, practice their English communication skills, and make friends. There is an exciting and varied programme of weekly social events for our students to enjoy with their new friends, both in and outside of school.

Whether students want to experience the uniquely wonderful nature that only India can offer, visit Hindu temples and ancient cathedrals, go sea fishing or kite surfing, watch a Bollywood movie, join in a pool party, or just hang out on the beach with classmates, the Incredible English social programme has something for everyone.


Whether beginner or advanced user of English, our curriculum is designed to get students talking and using real, natural English.

Regular tests and skill evaluations ensure students are guided through the levels towards their ultimate goal.

General English

  • Standard Programme :15 hours group lessons per week
    Morning classes from Monday to Friday. Perfect if you wish to use the afternoons to explore.
  • Intensive Programme: 21 hours group lessons per week
    Standard Course + additional 6 hours of afternoon classes. Afternoon lessons primarily focus on practising and developing spoken fluency through theme-based guided discussions, role-plays and debates. Topics will very often have themes relating to India and its people.
  • Private Lessons
    Students also have the option of taking individual lessons in a timetable tailored to personal needs and preferences.

Our General English program is designed to help students improve their overall ability in English in all of the main skill areas – speaking, listening, reading and writing – in an environment focused on communication.

English and Yoga

In Goa, in addition to our English classes, we offer a high standard of yoga instruction in a tranquil location that is friendly and non-competitive. Our afternoon Yoga classes are accessible to all our students regardless of experience, ability, or age.

  • Classic Yoga: 15 hours group lessons + 5 hours yoga instruction The perfect way to learn English and practice yoga. Combine our standard English course in the mornings and take one 90-minute yoga class, two days a week.

English and Indian Cooking

Indian cuisine is globally renown for its characteristic use of spices. Our partner school offers cooking lessons to complement your English language learning. A local chef will teach you all of the best techniques in mixing herbs and spices in order to create typical Indian dishes.

  • English and Cooking: 15 hours of English + 3 hours of cooking
    Combine your English learning experience with cooking lessons, and eat all the dishes you prepare!

Would you like to experience as much of the Indian culture as possible during your stay?

  • Yoga and cooking: 15 hours of English + 5 hours of yoga + 3 hours of cooking. Combine the morning English lessons with two afternoons of yoga and two afternoons of cooking lessons.



Most students decide to stay in our on-campus residence. The school building is a former hotel and still has all the facilities available. Students can choose to share a room with 3 other students or opt for single occupancy. Rooms are cleaned daily and linen and towels are changed on a regular basis. Breakfast is included.

Rooms feature: twin or double beds, air-conditioning, fridge, cable TV, telephone, WiFi, en-suite bathroom.


For students who would like to get a feel for Indian life and Goan culture, staying with a Goan family is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Many families in Goa have extra rooms in their homes that they open up to visitors, and our school carefully screens and selects the best host families for the students. All homes are a short bike ride away from the school and a single room and and breakfast option is offered. Double rooms are reserved for students travelling together as a pair.

Dates & Prices 2015

Dates 2015

The stays take place from Sunday to Sunday (seven nights) and courses start every Monday. It is possible to start courses every Monday of the year.

The school will be closed on the following dates (lessons will not take place and will not be reimbursed): 1 & 26 January, 6 April, 1 May, 15 August, 2 October, 25 December, 1 January 2015.

Peak season dates: from 1 January to 28 February 2015, and from 1 November to 31 December 2015. Please note that a supplement fee is applicable during these times, see the table below.

Programme prices -

Includes all taxes and enrolment fees, lessons, accommodation & meals as described

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Lessons & accommodation in residence, shared room or with host family, double room*, breakfast
*accommodation in a double room is only available for two people travelling together
Duration15 lessons21 lessons15L & 5H Yoga15L & 3H Cuisine15L+ 5L YOGA + 3H Cuisine
Lessons & accommodation in residence or with host family, single room, breakfast
For individuals
Duration15 lessons21 lessons15L & 5H Yoga15L & 3H Cuisine15L+ 5L YOGA + 3H Cuisine
1 week375 £415 £395 £405 £450 £
2 weeks660 £745 £705 £720 £810 £
3 weeks945 £1,065 £1,010 £1,030 £1,170 £
4 weeks1,215 £1,380 £1,305 £1,330 £1,515 £
6 weeks1,735 £1,980 £1,870 £1,910 £2,185 £
8 weeks2,210 £2,535 £2,390 £2,440 £2,810 £
12 weeks3,135 £3,555 £3,415 £3,495 £4,060 £
16 weeks4,160 £4,720 £4,530 £4,640 £5,395 £
18 weeks4,670 £5,300 £5,085 £5,210 £6,060 £
20 weeks5,140 £5,840 £5,600 £5,740 £6,680 £
24 weeks6,160 £7,000 £6,710 £6,880 £8,005 £
32 weeks8,160 £9,280 £8,895 £9,120 £10,625 £
36 weeks9,175 £10,435 £10,000 £10,255 £11,945 £
Additional week260 £295 £260 £285 £335 £
Residence, shared room or host family, double room*, breakfast
4 weeks885 £
For individuals: in residence or host family, single room, breakfast
4 weeks1,110 £
Extras - per week
Half-board in residence55 £
Additional night40 £
Please note: placement fee 50 pounds/60 euros for accommodation with host family
Private lessons (per lesson)30 £
Accommodation - peak season extra (nov - feb) - single room55 £
Accommodation - peak season extra (nov - feb) - double room40 £
Transfer - Goa airport (one way)40 £
Transfers - arrival/departure55 £
Lessons only - Enrolment fee: 60 pounds
1 week155 £195 £175 £185 £-
2 weeks285 £370 £330 £345 £-
3 weeks415 £535 £480 £500 £-
4 weeks530 £695 £620 £645 £425 £
6 weeks735 £980 £870 £910 £-
8 weeks900 £1,225 £1,080 £1,130 £-
12 weeks1,200 £1,620 £1,480 £1,560 £-
16 weeks1,600 £2,160 £1,970 £2,080 £-
18 weeks1,800 £2,430 £2,215 £2,340 £-
20 weeks1,960 £2,660 £2,420 £2,560 £-
24 weeks2,355 £3,195 £2,905 £3,075 £-
32 weeks3,105 £4,225 £3,840 £4,065 £-
36 weeks3,495 £4,755 £4,320 £4,575 £-
Additional week100 £135 £120 £125 £-

Prices include:

  • Chosen programme
  • Accommodation in residence or homestay (breakfast included)
  • Administrative fees

Prices do not include:

  • Journey to and around Goa
  • Transfer from the airport
  • Visa costs
  • Lunchtime and evening meals

Practical Info


  • Arrival airport: Dabolim (Goa) or Mumbai.

If you would like, Easy Languages can book your flights for you. Please note this on your enrolment form.

If you decide to book your own flights, try to arrive Sunday before the start of classes and to depart the Saturday following the end of classes.

Getting to Goa

Some airlines fly directly to Goa, but most international flights arrive via Mumbai. Many domestic airlines have daily flights to and from Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kozhikode (Calicut).

Driving from Mumbai or Pune, provides the breathtaking scenery of Konkan area and travel from Mangalore to Goa on the magnificent Konkan Rail is witness to spectacular scenery and the Doodh Sagar waterfalls.

Visa Information

You will need to apply for a student visa at your local Indian Embassy in order to take language lessons in India. In general, your Indian Embassy will provide you with a visa with one or several entries, valid for the duration of your program.

A student visa is neither exchangeable nor renewable in India. It allows you to stay for as long as you want within the validity of the visa, but any stay over 6 months requires registration with the FRO (Foreigners' Registration Office) in Delhi, or at the FRRO (Foreigners' Regional Registration Office) within the first 14 days after your arrival.

According to instructions issued by the Indian Embassy, it is not possible to apply for a student visa more than 20 days before the start of your program.

We remind you that the Indian Embassy retains the right to accept, modify or refuse any visa application, as well as request any additional identifying documents. We therefore advise against booking any flights until after your visa has been confirmed.

For more information, please consult the following website: Visas for India.