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Group Travel to Bournemouth

Travel Summary:


During July and August, as well as during the Belgian Easter holidays, we organize weekly, supervised, round-trip travel between Brussels, Mons, Paris or Lille and Bournemouth, with transfers available to other destinations. This journey is available for all ages, including children. Belgian participants will not need authorisation for their commune for this trip; as it is an accompanied trip

Departure from Paris : we organize an unaccompanied transfers by Eurostar between Paris and London, where children will meet their group leaders coming from Brussels. The journey between London and Bournemouth will be organized by bus and supervised. On specific dates, we offer a journey from Lille. Children coming from Paris will then travel alone by train from Paris to Lille, where they will meet their group leaders.

This particular journey concerns all schools and programmes in Bournemouth, i.e.:

With transfers from Bournemouth:

Accompanied travel

The trip includes:

Southbourne : an extra fee for the return transfer must be paid (30€)


Departure Locations:

The details of your journey will be sent to you along with your programme invoice, and confirmed in relation to your accommodation, generally within the two weeks prior to your departure.

Prices 2019

Important: The trip to Bournemouth normally has a Saturday departure and Sunday return (except for the first and last week of the holidays). This means that if your particular programme ends on one of these days, you will spend an extra two nights (with full board) with your host family (included in the trip price).

For this extra night (Saturday - Sunday), it may be the case that a higher number of new students than anticipated require a bed for the beginning of their own programme. In this situation of overlap, the level of comfort for the student may temporarily be a spare bed or futon.

Students who are not staying in Bournemouth but instead need a transfer to Oxford, or Southampton, will spend the night between Saturday and Sunday (both upon arrival and before departure) at the group leader's residence in Bournemouth. The group leaders will receive the students upon arrival and devote their full attention to looking after them. Students of the same age and gender will share a room.