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High School in the USA - Classic "Plus"

Program highlights:


Due to Coronavirus disease crisis, all our departures to the USA are cancelled for the rest of the year 2020. Next departures for January 2021 semester are provisionally maintained until further notice.

While the conditions for this program are similar to the standard "Classic Programme", it offers a more academic background as well as more choice and flexibility:

Why the United States?

The United States is a dynamic, diverse, and culturally enriching country. The country boasts such a range of different landscapes, cities, and activities and you will have the opportunity to experience it all on either a semester or academic year abroad. As an exchange student, you will be able to get up close and personal with a few of its key features: its multicultural diversity, breathtaking scenery, and warm, "can-do" people eager to share their lives and values. The hardest part will be saying goodbye at the end of your stay!

You may be placed in any state in the USA; however, most of our students are placed in the Midwest, America's heartland. Host families usually live in medium-sized towns, making it easier for students to get involved with their local community and experience the American way of life.


Depending on your choice, you will attend a local Public or Private High School where you will be placed in the grade according to your age, academic achievements and English level.

Along with your American peers, you will be taking between 5 and 7 classes, of which three, English, Math and History, are compulsory. Some schools also make Science compulsory. If you decide to take the graduating exam (12th grade students only) you will also have to take other compulsory subjects.

Classes are held in the morning and extra curricular activities in the afternoon.

In most American high schools, students choose from a wide range of classes and electives: Calculus, Science, Physics, Biology, Foreign Languages, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Drama, Poetry, Journalism, Speech, Media, Computer Science, etc...

This is a great way to study subjects previously unknown to you or to acquire a different perspective on topics you formerly studied in your home country. Some classes run for one semester, meaning you'll be able to study a variety of subjects over the course of the academic year.

Extracurricular activities are an important part of the American school system and you will be able to choose from a wide variety of options: Field & Track, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball, Charity Club, Student Council, Fanfare, Speech Club,Year Book, etc.

Preference: when submitting an application, you will be able to indicate one of them among the following list:

Students who have both the age and level to enrol in Grade 12 can get a High School Diploma providing they mention it on their student application.

The American educational system

American students study for a minimum of 12 years (elementary, middle and high school). High School includes the final four years of secondary education:

Students are required to take English and US History, which are mandatory subjects. They can choose three or four additional electives from the subjects offered at their school depending on their interests. Students can also choose to take part in sports or cultural events as well as school clubs and associations.


American Host Families

Host families are usually the highlight of the study abroad experience, helping their host students become fully used to and immersed into the American culture and feel part of the local community.

Our partner organization works with volunteer host families who are carefully screened and regularly inspected. Families are not compensated for hosting international students and take an active interest in choosing a student they can host and sharing their homes, lives and culture with.

While staying with a host family, the student will have a single or shared room depending on the placement. All stays are half board.

Our Local Coordinators

The local coordinator is an experienced staff member who knows the host families well and is in regular contact with the students and their host parents throughout the program. They regularly organize meetings to ensure that the stay is going smoothly, both with the host family as well as with the school. The local coordinator is always available for should there be any issue and will be the first point of contact upon the student's arrival.

Prices & Dates 2020-2021

Dates 2020-2021

Prices 2020-2021

Programme Prices -

All taxes and registration fees included

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Public or Private High School, room and board, transfers, taxes (flights NOT included)
Course durationPrice
Academic Year14995
Public or Private High School, room and board, transfers (roundtrip flights + taxes included)
Academic year - Departure from Brussels, Paris, or Geneva16495
Semester - Departure from Brussels, Paris, or Geneva12495

Prices include:

Prices do not include:

Practical Information


To be eligible for this programme, you must:

Enrolment procedures

Do you think this high school abroad program is for you? Then follow these steps:

  1. Submit the registration form as soon as possible.

  2. You will then receive a pre-confirmation form and an application form to be completed. We will then ask you to pay a deposit of €90 in order to take a proficiency test and to provide us with your school results during the past 3 years. The interview fee is non-refundable and is deductible from the final cost if enrolment is confirmed.

  3. We will then invite you to come to our office in Brussels or Paris for the full interview. You must come to our office with the first part of the application form filled in.

  4. If the interview is successful, we will then ask you to pay a deposit (25% of the total amount, minimum €1,500) and to send us the relevant documents completed. These include recommendation letters from your teachers, your medical history and other information needed to process your booking. As soon as we receive all the documents and the deposit, we will send the application file to our partner.

  5. The final decision is taken by our partner

  6. Once your application is confirmed, our partner will start looking for a host family and a school.

Enrolment Deadlines

The deadline for handing in completed application forms is:

The booking forms must be completed and sent to our office (in Brussels or paris) ** at least 3 weeks** before the deadline. All late applications will incur an additional €200 fee.

Pre-Orientation Meeting

To make sure your stay goes smoothly and have all the information about the different aspects of the programme, you can attend an information and orientation meeting.

This is organised by Easy Languages Brussels in June. This is an opportunity for Easy Languages students to mingle, share questions and experiences and ask the EL team any questions they may have. Students from previous years are also invited to share their experiences. The final administrative formalities for your stay will also be completed during this meeting.

If you do not live in Belgium, you can meet our team in Paris or a phone meeting can also be arranged to explain all of the procedure so that your stay goes as smoothly as possible.

Duration of Stay and Visa

Departure is scheduled for August for stays of one semester to one year. Departures are also scheduled for January for stays of one semester. Your family or local coordinator will welcome you at the airport upon arrival and take you back at the end of your stay.

Once enrolment is confirmed by our partner, we can coordinate your travel arrangements to the USA if requested. The ticket will include the least amount of changes possible. One free of charge change to the ticket may be made, once the return date is confirmed.

If you prefer to make your own travel arrangements, we will provide you with the relevant information necessary for your booking.

A student visa is required to take part in this programme (F-1 Exchange Visitor Visa). This visa is valid for the duration of your stay. We will provide you with the necessary documents to obtain the visa and help you with the visa process.

Health Insurance and Assistance

Students are covered by health insurance and assistance policy included in the program prices, with a toll-free hotline accessible 24/7 in the USA.

For a full coverage, we recommend to subscribe to the insurance we offer as a perfectly adapted option to youth travel and stays abroad Insurance and guarantees

What Students Say

Student Testimonials

Marianne: "I would really encourage other students to take part in this programme. I really don't know what to say, it was a spectacular experience!"

Malcolm: "There are so many things going on in my new American life! I have just arrived at St Paul, Minnesota. Settling in with my family was easy, my host father is really cool and very friendly!"

Tatiana: "Don't be afraid to take part in this, you will definitely not be disappointed! ;)"

Pauline: "I would say that if future students are still having doubts whether to try this experience or not, they really just have to go for it without hesitating."

Want to find out more about studying in the USA? See more of our students' stories!

It could be you...

Hi, I’m Agnès, an exchange student from Belgium.

I’ve been staying in Tucson, Arizona since the 4th of August with my host family.

Early February we went to Phoenix for an ice Hockey Game. We are Coyotes Fan ! (Phoenix ice hockey team) The next day, we went horseback riding. It was wonderful to see the area where i’m living since 7 months in a completely other way : on the back of a horse, through the paths.

The amazing saguaro cactus, the bright blue sky and the mountains, welcome in Tucson, a spread-out city in the middle of the desert. It’s really different from my home country where rain, clouds and green grass are usual.

The same day, my host family and I went to the “Tucson Gem’ and Mineral Show”. People from all over the world were presenting all kind of stones, pearls, fossils and so on of all sizes, colors, shapes, prices.

The weekend after, my host siblings, Eme and Max, and I left school earlier. We went to Sunrise Ski Resort in the White Mountains (north-east of Tucson). On the way there, we drove through the Salt Lake River Canyon and later on, we got to see female moose on the side of the road. It was hard to believe I was still in Arizona with so much snow. The landscapes were amazing, really different from the French Alps where I usually go skiing. I love skiing so much. We all had a great time.

Last weekend, we had 4 days off of school. It was “Rodeo break”, a holiday special to the state of Arizona. Professional rodeo competitions were taking place dowtown Tucson. Sunday, I went with my hostmother to see the finals. it was pretty intense. The atmosphere was really “western” : cowboys, horses, boots and so on.

What a busy and wonderful February we had, my host family and I.

I thank them for all the different activities we do, for the great things we see, for all those great times we spend together. And also “Merci” for making me part of their family.