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Immersion Homestays in Italy

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Why choose an immersion homestay?

  • For all ages and language levels
  • Year-round, sessions starting from 1 week
  • Stay with a qualified, experienced teacher
  • Guaranteed, rapid progress
  • Total immersion - no chance to speak your first language
  • Private lessons from 3 to 6 hours per day
  • General Activities, Culture, Leisure


Total Immersion Language Tuition

Home tuition is a unique opportunity to experience your host culture as well as making rapid progress in a relaxed and friendly environment. Living with a qualified and experienced native teacher is a great way to learn about culture hands-on - from mealtimes to free time.

Choose from business, specialized or general courses or exam preparation, or make the most of one of the many activity programmes on offer (sports, culture and leisure activities.)

Our partner organization carefully screens its total immersion homestay teachers and works with tutors throughout Italy, making it easy to find the right tutor for you. All the tutors are experienced and qualified, and offer a warm and welcoming homestay experience as well as quality language lessons.

Possible locations

  • Alghero
  • Bari
  • Bologna
  • Brindisi
  • Cagliari
  • Catania
  • Cosenza
  • Florence
  • Genoa
  • Milan
  • Modena
  • Naples
  • Palermo
  • Pescara
  • Pisa
  • Rome
  • Verona
  • Vibo Valentia
  • Trieste
  • Turin

    Teachers are not usually located in the city centre, as we put greater emphasis on their quality and competence over geographical location. We would kindly ask you to choose 3 regions of preference on your enrolment form.

Italian courses: the basics

  • Lesson length: 60 minutes
  • Schedule: to be arranged with your teacher
  • Placement test: takes place on the first day of your lessons. An online test prior to departure is also available
  • Language level: all levels
  • Certificate of completion and progress report at the end of your stay (on request)
  • Options: specialised vocabulary, cocooning (mandatory for under-15s) (see tab "optional extras")
  • Qualifications: all the teachers hold a university degree and/or an equivalent qualification, and/or a recognised teaching certificate
  • Number of students per homestay: you will be the only student per homestay. Very rarely, one or two other students of a different nationality may be staying with the same teacher.

Advantages of Total Immersion

  • Constant contact with the language

    With one-to-one lessons in a total immersion homestay, fast progress is guaranteed. You will be staying at your teacher's home without the opportunity to speak your first language, meaning you use the target language in a broad range of contexts and situations.

    Please note that total immersion stays require effort and motivation - being immersed in a foreign culture can be demanding!

  • Experienced, qualified tutors

    Our partner organization's teachers are experienced and qualified to teach their native language. They regularly take part in continuous professional development and their teaching methods are modern and specially tailored to one-to-one tuition.

    In addition, they are thoroughly screened and regularly inspected to check not only the quality of their lessons but the suitability of their homes.

  • A very warm welcome

    All the tutors are carefully interviewed and inspected to ensure they meet the highest standards of homestay accommodation. If you suffer from allergies or have special dietary requirements, or if you prefer a non-smoking or child-free home, please let us know at the time of booking.

    Thanks to an extensive network of qualified, vetted tutors, you will always be matched with the right tutor for you.

  • Specially tailored programmes

    • Reaching your goals: Immersion stays can be adapted to a broad range of goals and targets, whether you're looking to improve your French for work, prepare for an exam or specific event (conferences, travel abroad), refresh your knowledge of the language or make up any aspects of the language you've missed. Lessons are tailored to your specific needs and goals with a focus on improving your weak points and helping you make solid progress fast.

    • Quick results: One-on-one lessons make for faster progress, learning at your own pace - often faster and more efficient than learning in a group setting.

    • Supervision for young learners: Total immersion homestays are also ideal for young learners, who are well taken care of by our host families. Our "Cocooning" option is mandatory for under-15s and recommended for under-18s. This guarantees that the teacher or an adult member of the family is at home at all times when the student is there.

    • Group immersion: for 2 students with the same language level taking lessons together, we offer a 20% discount per person.

Our partner organization

Home Language International, our partner organization, is a market leader in total immersion home tuition. Since 1979, this family business has grown to establish ties with teachers in over 30 countries worldwide, offering homestays for an impressive 20 languages. Local organisers, located in each of the 110 regions covered, supervise the teacher network and ensure the quality of accommodation and courses.

Italian/Italian & Activities

We offer both standard language programmes and Language & Activities programmes, ideal for practising your target language in a broad range of situations.


Choose from 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of private language lessons per week.

Optional extras - Specialized vocabulary/exam preparation - Cocooning

Italian & Activities

This programme includes 10 hours of lessons per week plus 5 hours of general activities per week. You can decide on your activity schedule with your teacher on arrival. This programme is a good way to put your Italian into practice. All activity fees are included in the price (transport, entrance fees, etc.) Option available for all destinations.

Some of the many activities available include: visits, Bus Tour, picnics, cinema outings, swimming, mini golf, restaurant outings, Pubs (if 18+)...

This option is especially recommended for young learners as this is a fun way to learn the language and reap the rewards by practicing during fun and engaging activities. You can also choose 15 hours of lessons plus 5 hours of activities, 20 hours of lessons plus 5 hours of activities or 25 hours of lessons plus 5 hours of activities (additional fees apply.)

Italian & Sport

This programme includes 15, 20 or 25 hours of lessons per week plus 3 sport sessions per week.

All activity fees are included in the price (transport, entrance fees, etc.)

Most of the time, sessions are individual and last for about 1 hour

If the sessions are organised in a group of similar level to yours, they might last longer. Professional sportsmen, members of your host family or even the local organiser can hold and coach these activities.

It is of the utmost importance that you indicate your level in the chosen sport upon application.

  • Horse Riding ot Tennis: Rome

(All necessary gear or equipment to the practice of any of these sports is included).

Italian & Culture

This option includes full-board accommodation + 15, 20 or 25 hours of language lessons per week + 3 cultural visits (e.g. visits to museums, castles and other famous places of cultural interest) to chose among the following venues (entrance fees and transport are included in the visits.

Cultural activities usually take place with your language teacher but can take place with any member of the host family.

  • Rome (Lazio) : Colosseo & Campidoglio, San Pietro & Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza Navona & Pantheon, Surrounding Town : Frascati, Nemi, Palestrina, Tivoli or Zagarolo

  • Bologna (Emilia-Romagna) : Piazza Maggiore, the leaning Towers, Saint Petronius Church, Archiginnasio, Bologna National Gallery, Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Vita

  • Modena (Emilia-Romagna) : Modena Cathedral, Ghirlandina Tower, Piazza Grande, Albinelli Market, Museum Palace, Enzo Ferrari Museum, Museum of Picture Cards (Panini)

  • Florence (Tuscany) : Visits of Piazza del Duomo, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazza della Signoria, Uffizi Gallery, Santa Croce Basilica, walk along the famous Lungarno, Ponte Vechhio

  • Pisa (Tuscany) : Cathedral, Baptistery, Monumental Cemetery, Opera Museum and Sinopie Museum

  • Pistoia (Tuscany) : Cathedral Square, Cathedral of St. Zeno, Palazzo del Comune, St. Zeno Baptistery, Saint John Fuoricivitas Church, Church of Saint Andrew

  • Genoa (Liguria) : The old town and Caruggi, Royal Palace, Palazzi dei Rolli, Strada Nuova Museums, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Lighthouse of Genoa, Ancient Port, Spianata Castelletto, Galata Maritime Museum, Aquarium of Genoa

  • Vérona (Veneto) : Verona Arena, Juliet's House, Castel Vecchio Museum, Basilica of Saint Zeno, Piazza Delle Erbe, the Bridges of Verona, Piazza Bra, Piazza dei Signori

  • Milan (Lombardy) : The Cathedral, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, La Scala Opera House, Brera Art Gallery, Via Napoleone Fashion District, Sforza Castle, Last Supper Museum, Basilica of Saint Ambrose, Walk down the Naviglio Grande

  • Turin (Piedmont) Walking tour of downtown Turin, including Piazza Castello, Parco del Valentino and Turin Cathedral, + 2 visits to choose from the following : Egyptian Museum, National Cinema Museum, Palazzo Madama, National Automobile Museum, Juventus Stadium, Reggia di Venaria Reale and its gardens, La Mandria Castle

  • Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia) : Piazza Unita d'Italia, Audace Pier, Victory Lighthouse, Saint Giusto Cathedral, Miramare Castle, Roman Theatre, Giant Cave, Sistiana Bay

  • Catania (Sicily) : Catania Cathedral, Piazza del Duomo, Via Etnea Shopping Street, Teatro Massimo Bellini, Ursino Castle and Museum, Benedictine Monastery, Greek-Roman Theatre

  • Palermo (Sicily) : Palermo Cathedral, Palatina Chapel, Palace of the Normans, Teatro Massimo, Co-Cathedral of St. Mary of the Admiral, Capuchin Abbey and Catacombs, Saint John of the Hermits, Piazza Pretoria

Italian & Cooking

This programme includes 10 hours of lessons plus 5 hours of traditional Italian cooking activities per week, entrance fees and transport to and from the activities. Leisure activities are of 1 hour each ; they are individual and will be lead and coached by your language teacher, an industry professional or a member of the host family.

  • Pizza Making

    • 5 hours of traditional Italian cooking in Naples

Extra options

  • Exam Preparation Courses/Business and Specialized Vocabulary

    Your teacher will design a course to prepare you for an exam. Please note that you must bring your own material, books, previous exam papers and any other material you need to prepare for the exam.

    Specialised vocabulary: designed for students who need to improve their professional language skills. Specialised vocabulary with technical terms in areas such as business, medicine, engineering, law, computing, architecture, tourism etc. can sometimes be provided on request. Please note that the teachers are not actual engineers, doctors, lawyers etc.

    Additional fees: see Dates & Prices tab

  • Cocooning

    Closer supervision for students under 18. This guarantees that the teacher or an adult member of the family is at home at all times when the student is there. This option does not guarantee activities. Please note that this option is conpulsory for students aged 15 or under and that it is also highly recommended for under 18s.

    Additional fees: see Dates & Prices tab

  • Language & Fun: Teen Special: (13 to 17 years old included) Full-board accommodation in your experienced teacher's home, 10 hours of language lessons based on your interests (sports, hobbies, idols etc.), internet videos, music/ film/sports projects, role playing, debates, writing a diary etc. Choice of 3 activities from local shopping, going to the town/park/beach, board/video games, local place of interest, cooking a typical dish. 1 hour's daily homework/project to do in your free time which is corrected during lesson time.

    Additional fees: see Dates & Prices tab

  • Special diets

    We welcome students who need special diets provided we are notified in detail of these in advance. If these diets involve the host family making extra arrangements (such as a gluten-free diet) a supplement will be charged.

    Additional fees: see Dates & Prices tab

  • Special needs

    We welcome students with physical disabilities (such as vision or hearing impairments), emotional or behavioural disorders (such as ADHD) or learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) provided we are notified of these in advance.

    Additional fees: see Dates & Prices tab

  • VIP

    This option is especially designed for professionals and businessmen as well as people who enjoy a very comfortable standard of living at home and who require extra comfort when they come to stay with a host family. You can expect a superior standard of accommodation and meals. VIP stays always include a private bathroom and VIP students can be sure that their teacher has plenty of experience hosting this type of student and knows how to satisfy their requirements.

    Additional fees: 100% of your chosen programme

  • Staying with an international student

    You can choose to share your homestay with a student from another country who has the same level of English as you. The common language spoken will obviously be English.

    Discount: 20% discount for each student

  • Two or more students sharing

    If you choose to share lessons with a second (third, fourth) student of your choice, you must come with someone who has the same language level as you and on the same dates.

    Discount: Get 20% discount each if you are 2 students sharing the same programme and 25% if you are 3 or 4 students sharing the same programme

  • Senior

    Students aged 60 years and older get an additional discount on the entire stay between October and May.

    Discount : 5%

  • Christmas/New Year

    Any bookings which include Dec 24th, 25th or 26th (Christmas) or Dec 31st or Jan 1st (New Year) are subject to an additional fee. If your stay includes both Christmas and the New Year the supplement will be charged twice. N.B. This supplement includes activities such as New Year's Eve dinner, countdown to the new year, fireworks, enjoying Christmas atmosphere in the city, shopping.

Additional fees: see Dates & Prices tab

Dates & Prices 2020

Dates 2020

Course start dates: every week, year-round

Prices 2020

This programme contains classes Accommodation included Meal includedSupervision 24h support
Programme Prices -

All taxes and registration fees included

Book now
Standard programme - Price per week
15 hours1165
20 hours1365
25 hours1565
30 hours1765
Combined Programmes - Price per week
Programme Italian & activities
10h of lessons + 5h of activities1265
15h of lessons + 5h of activities1465
20h of lessons + 5h of activities1665
25h of lessons + 5h of activities1865
Programme Italian & sports
Sport extra per weekTennisHorse Riding
Programme Italian & Culture
Extra 3 cultural visits per week (except Rome)285
Extra 3 cultural visits per week (Rome only)375
Programme Italian & Cooking
Cooking extra per weekPizza making
Optional extras - per week
Extra night120
Transfer (per trip)*80
Exam Preparation Courses/Business and Specialized vocabulary130
Cocooning option (compulsory for under 15s)150
Christmas and New Year extra145
Private bathroom option180
Special diet150
Special needs - disability, dyslexia, ADHD150

*Round trip compulsory for students aged 16 and under. During the summer (30/06 - 01/09), 15-hour programme minimum.

Prices include:

  • Your chosen course
  • Single room, homestay at your teacher's house
  • Course materials
  • Inscription fees
  • Full board accomodation
  • Assistance from the local organiser
  • Placement test, certificate of completion and progress report (on request)
  • If your chosen programme includes activities: 10 hours of lessons, 5 hours or 3 sessions of the chosen activity, including entrance fees and transport

Prices do not include:

  • Travel to your chosen destination and airport transfers
  • Optional extras (Specialised Vocabulary, Exam Preparation, Cocooning, VIP accommodation)
  • Christmas/New Year extras (24, 25, 26, 31 December, 1 January)
  • Transportation in and around your chosen destination
  • Extra nights
  • Visa fees
  • Optional insurance


  • 2 students travelling together (same language level, same dates): 20% discount per student
  • An accompanying person choosing to come with a student, share their room and the meals but not having lessons will get a 20% discount on the programme of 10 hours of lessons.

Practical Information


Arrivals: Sunday

Departures: Sunday

(7-night stay - some teachers are flexible on arrival and departure days)

  • Arrival airports and train stations:

Information about the nearest airport or station will be provided with the details on your teacher and host family. You will be picked up and dropped off by your host family, local organiser or by a private driver (usually by car, though occasionally by public transport).

If you decide to travel to an alternative airport or station, or if you arrive before 08:00 or after 21:00, an additional fee will be charged. Students under 16 must book pick-up and drop-off, except if you inform us in advance that they are accompanied by their parents.

Airport transfers available on request (fees apply, see price list)

Please note: Do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your enrolment in your chosen course (approximately 8 days after we receive your deposit).

Visa Information

You might need a visa for this course. For more information please visit our Visa Information page.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you require any additional information.

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