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Japanese in Tokyo

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Programme Summary:

  • Ages 18+
  • Minimum 1 week
  • Beginner to intermediate levels
  • Teaching tailored for Europeans
  • Teaching for a quick expression
  • Summer programme available
  • Various cultural activities available
  • Homestay, apartment hotel or guest house accommodation


Language stay in Tokyo

An immersion in Tokyo is to enter a city of contrasts, where you will find skyscrapers, advanced technology, and glass towers on one side, and temples, sanctuaries and paper houses on the other.

If you are looking for a change of scenery, you will not be disappointed: a city built without any real prior planning, Tokyo can seem disordered. And it is not the lack of street names and confusing order of building numbers that will make you think otherwise! For the record, the numbers refer to the year the building was built...

If urban spaces make you dizzy, you will definitely appreciate the three big parks dotted around the city: Ueno, Yoyogi and Shinijuku Gyoen. If you need to recharge or you are just simply curious, the temples and sanctuaries are a great alternative.

Finally, the Tsukiji fish market is not to be missed: an excellent way to introduce yourself to Japanese cuisine.

Japanese language school

The school is located in 2 buidlings close to each other in the lively district of Shinjuku. Facilities include:

  • 10 classrooms in the main building and 7 in the side building
  • Library (main building)
  • Comfortable lounge rooms for an effective learning environment
  • IMac available to students
  • Coffee machines


Japanese language courses

The basics

Courses are organised at 7 different levels, from complete beginner (JLPT* N5 level) to advanced (JLPT* N2/N1, corresponding to 1000 Kanji characters). Each level of learning is 4 weeks long, except for levels 6 and 7 where you can study for up to 16 weeks.

*JLPT : Japanese Language Proficiency

Courses are offered from 1 to 12 weeks to enable European citizens to travel without a visa. If you wish to stay for a longer period of time, a student visa will be required (in this case you must apply 6 months in advance in order for your application to be processed and to ensure there are no delays).

  • Lesson length: 50 minutes
  • Number of students per class: 12 maximum
  • Timetable: classes are held in the morning and the afternoon (see below)
  • Placement test: first day of classes
  • Certificate of participation at the end of your stay
  • Tests each week
  • Individual, corrected and assessed homework
  • All teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Therefore, they are perfectly aware of any difficulties you may encounter and aware of all the learning steps that you will go through.

Typical timetable (subject to potential change)

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Courses on offer

These practical courses will give you the linguistic and cultural skills to help you speak quickly and correctly. Such an autonomy will make your stay in Japan all the more enjoyable.

At beginner and elementary level, courses focus on practical situations of everyday life that will make you feel autonomous quite fast. As your fluency improves, courses will be dedicated to useful aspects of social life (express your emotions, feelings, opinions), then to specialized topics (Sciences, Economics, Literature, Psychology...).

  • Practical conversation : 15 lessons: mainly dedicated to oral expression and comprehension

    Language level: beginner* to advanced

  • Practical conversation : 20 lessons

    This course is recommended to people wishing to master written skills (reading and writing) in addition to the oral ones.

    Apart from the 15 conversation classes, you will attend 5 extra lessons to learn to write (hiragana, katakana et kanji), about written comprehension (writing, dictation, vocabulary, etc) and discovering Japanese culture (calligraphy, tea ceremony, origami, sushi cooking, temples and sanctuaries, 'onsen' - thermal bath -, traditional cuisine...)

    Language level: beginner* to advanced

    *Specific dates for beginners

  • Summer courses (July and August)

    Grammar and conversation: 20 lessons per week

    Stays of 3, 4 or 7 weeks to make you improve oral expression and communication as well as grammar.

    In addition to the 20 lessons per week, you will be able to take part in conversational workshops with native Japanese people to strengthen your fluency.

    Language level: beginner to advanced

    JLPT Exam Preparation (August): 20 lessons per week

    These 3-week stays are designed to prepare yourself to JLPT exams at levels N1 or N2. This course focuses on vocabulary, grammar, reading and oral expression, with a greater emphasis on written comprehension: a main feature of the exam. You will learn to identify the main point of a text thanks to quick reading and analysis. You will take 2 sample tests, one half way and the other one at the end of your stay. You will receive specific advice from your teachers.

    Language level: upper intermediate (B2 or JPLT N2) to advanced (B2+/C1 or JPLT N1)


The school offers a wide range of cultural and social activities to make their students live a cultural, traditional, modern experience in Japan.

  • Shodo (art of traditional calligraphy)
  • Origami, Ikebana, silk painting
  • Tea ceremony
  • Sushi cooking
  • Making of ushiwa (traditional fans), lanterns...
  • Kabuki theatre workshop
  • Sumo tournament
  • Izakaya and pub outings

In summer, you can join a complete activity programme (booking must be made in advance, please contact us). Furthermore, the school has launched a partnership with the Nippon Engineering College - one of the most famous manga animation courses in Japan - and therefore can include this particular activity in the August programme.

Examples of activities in July:

  • Tokyo tour and karaoke with Japanese students,
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Making of fans (ushiwa), kyaraben (personalized boxed lunches), lanterns, sushi and temari...
  • Edo-Tokyo museum
  • Ninja Experience
  • Summer party

Examples of activities in August:

  • Manga
  • Animation
  • Tokyo tour with Japanese students
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Making of kyaraben (personalized boxed lunches), lanterns, sushi, sweets
  • Edo-Tokyo museum
  • Shodo (traditional calligraphy)
  • Zazen meditation
  • Tea ceremony
  • Ikebana (floral arrangement)
  • Excursion to Mount Fuji and fruit picking
  • Farewell party



Single room, half board

This is the ideal opportunity to plunge yourself completely into Japanese language and culture. You will share the everyday life of a typical family, carefully selected for their kindness and their motivation to share their culture with foreign students.

Travel time to school: max 60 min. by public transport

Apartment-hotel (Tokiwadai)

Furnished mini-apartments, self catering - ideally located near a subway station

Each apartment is equipped with:

  • Bed, cupboard, desk, TV
  • Microwave
  • Private bathroom
  • Coin-operated laundry acessible
  • WIFI

Travel time to school: 35 min by metro

Other apartments are available at an extra cost.

Guesthouse (minimum 4 week stays)

Single room, self catering

  • Shared bathroom and kitchen

Travel time to school: between 15 and 60 minutes depending on guesthouse

Prices available on request.

Dates & Prices 2019

Dates 2019

These are the sessions' start dates:

Start dates for complete beginners : 21/01, 18/02, 18/03, 15/04, 13/05, 10/06, 02/09, 30/09, 28/10, 25/11

Start dates for all other levels: every Monday, except in July and August

Summer courses :

  • Grammar and conversation

    July - 4 weeks: 08/07 to 02/08 Août - 3 weeks: 05/08 to 23/08 July + August - 7 weeks: 08/07 to 23/08

  • JLPT Exam Preparation

    August - 3 weeks: 05/08 to 23/08

Prices 2019

This programme contains classes Accommodation included Meal included 24h support
Booking prices -

All taxes and enrolment fees included

Course & accommodation (host family, single room, half board or mini-appartment, single room, self-catering)
Duration15 lessons20 lessons
2 weeks1,575 €1,665 €
3 weeks2,080 €2,215 €
4 weeks2,590 €2,770 €
6 weeks3,615 €3,885 €
8 weeks4,695 €5,055 €
12 weeks6,815 €7,355 €
Course & accommodation (host family, single room, half board or mini-appartment, single room, self-catering)
DurationGrammar & ConversationJLPT Exam Preparation
4 weeks (July)7,140 €-
3 weeks (August)4,425 €4,505 €
7 weeks (July and August)17,515 €-
Transfer (per journey)
Narita International Airport325 €

Prices include:

  • Your chosen course
  • Accommodation as described
  • Half board
  • Course materials
  • All taxes and enrolment fees

Prices do not include:

  • Airport transfers and local transportation
  • Travel to/from Tokyo
  • Visa fees
  • Guesthouse and apartment-hotel deposit

Practical information


Arrivals: Sunday

Departures: Saturday

Arrival airports :

  • Tokyo airports : Narita International Airport or Haneda International Airport

Airport transfers available on request (fees apply, please see Dates & Prices tab)

Please note: Do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your enrolment in your chosen course.

Visa information

Stays lasting less than 90 days

Citizens of the European Union (1) can travel to Japan without a visa if their trip does not exceed 90 days. All participants need to have a passport that is valid for the duration of the stay, and they need to provide evidence of a return flight ticket.

(1) Other nationalities: please consult your country of origin's Japanese embassy website.

You can find the list of nationalities who can enter Japan visa-free on the following link.

Stays lasting more than 90 days

All stays lasting more than 90 days are conidered to be long duration stays and require a visa. Visa applicants have to supply a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) (available through our partner school) to obtain this type of visa.

For more information please visit our Visa Information page.

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