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Korean in Seoul or Busan

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Programme Summary:

  • Schools located in the trendy disctrics of Seoul and Busan
  • Mix of international students & Korean students learning English
  • Ultra-modern and well equipped facilities
  • Minimum course duration: 2 week
  • Age 16+
  • Small class sizes to encourage frequent conversation
  • Combine the two cities into 1 programme: For 12+ week stays only


Korean courses : general information

  • Lesson duration : 60 minutes
  • Number of students per class : average of 6 (maximum 14)
  • Duration : 2-48 weeks
  • Level assessment test : before departure and the first day of class (oral)
  • Certificate of participation at the end of the stay
  • Weekly progress checkings to make sure you are ready to move up
  • Qualified native Korean teachers

An individual will also be organised for you on the first day of classes so as to evaluate your language level and highlight your specific language needs. There will then be an additional meeting during the second week of classes to ensure that you have been assigned the correct class level and that the courses are meeting your needs. There will be monthly meetings following this so as to check and evaluate your progress.

  • Standard or Intensive Korean Classes

    • Beginner Level

    This course is an introduction to Korean, in both written and spoken Korean and is ideal for complete beginners. The Korean language is explained in Korean and in English in order to ease into the understanding of the content. A series of cultural activities is also offered with this programme so as to give you the opportunity to meet Korean students.

    • Intermediate Level

    This course is suitable for students who have already taken the Beginner Level programme or who already have a basic knowledge of Korean. Sufficient knowledge of the Hangeul and Hanja alphabets is required of you for this course. The classes are mainly taught in Korean, although English may be used to explain more complex issues or topics. A series of cultural activities will give you the opportunity to meet local students.

    • Advanced Level

    This course is designed for students who have taken the Intermediate Level programme or who have a significant amount of experience with the Korean language. The student must feel at ease discussing different subjects in Korean and be able to express themselves well. This courses focuses on producing high quality written texts on a variety of different topics.

Course intensity

  • Standard Korean: 15 lessons Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12.15pm.

    You will attend 4 lessons a day which focus on the four main skills reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will develop your ability to use practical Korean in everyday life.

  • Intensive Korean: 15 lessons of standard Korean, and 10 lessons of a chosen option, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 3.15pm, for a total of 25 hours of Korean per week.

    This programme is ideal if you want to make fast progress. Includes the 15 above standard Korean lessons + 10 lessons to choose from a subject among the following options:

    • Writing
    • Conversation and speaking
    • Modern writing
    • Cookery
    • Reading club
    • Theatre
    • K-pop
    • Business
  • TOPIK Exam Preparation: 25 lessons per week. This programme is open to students at the C1 level (advanced). The class focuses on perfecting your language skills and writing academic texts. If you are interested in this course, do not hesitate to contact us for information concerning the price.

  • Individual Courses: You are also able to take private classes, or to add individual sessions to the Standard Programme. Teachers adapt according to your individual learning objectives based on your own specific needs and interests. Courses are two hours long, but it is possible to have a personalised programme established if necessary. If you are interested in this course, do not hesitate to contact us for information concerning the price.


Every week the school organises outings for all its students: a night at the pub, or karaoke night for example. There are also student evenings every Thursday called "Lexis After Dark". Weekend outings are also organised, and these could include K-pop concerts, traditional cooking courses, a weekend at a temple in the mountains, etc. Some of the activities are included in the programme price, while others cost extra (to be paid onsite)


Discover Seoul

Seoul is the second-largest metropolis in the world in terms of population, as it has over 25 million inhabitants! A lively and exciting city, it's the centre of Korean politics, economics, culture and society. The city itself has countless places to explore and relax in, and always has something exciting to offer.

In spite of its dense population, the city is ideally located as it's surrounded by sea and snow-capped mountains, and built on the Han River. It's a very urban city however, and it displays its skyscrapers, commercial districts, and shopping centres very proudly. The Koreans are particularly renowned for their cosmetics, so you'll be able to stock up on your Korean products in one of the many shopping centres.

As an extremely hi-tech city, and thanks to its ultra-fast Wi-Fi network. you'll be able to connect to the internet from just about everywhere.

The Gangnam quarter

Made popular across the world by the singer Psy and his song "Gangnam Style", the Gangnam quarter is undoubtedly the place to be. As a fashionable area, it attracts the Korean youth who love to *see and be seen hanging around the quarter. Pop culture is everywhere: Korean movie fans will definitely recognize this place!

The school in Seoul

The international school in Seoul has specialized in language courses for over ten years and offers a bilingual staff who are always there to help you with whatever you need (health care, visa, outings and excursions, student jobs, etc.)

Our partner school is located in the heart of the Gangnam quarter, just a few minutes walk from the Gangnam subway station and lively streets. You will have plenty of choice of restaurants, bar, shopping centres and night clubs.

The school has ten air conditioned classrooms. A computer lab with ten computers and Wi-Fi allows students to connect freely and easily to the internet. You can also borrow books or DVDs to take home or consult in the multimedia room, which contains a wide-screen T.V. Students may also use the fully-equipped kitchen for their lunches (microwaves and kettles) and tea and coffee are available.

The school in Busan

Located in the bustling area of Seomyeon, our partner school in Busan has 10 bright and modern classeooms spread out over an entire floor of the DS Tower. Along with its free and fast WiFi connection, the school has a lounge area and a study room where you can spend time with your classmates (and practice some Korean with each other) while you're not in classes. With a maximum number of 14 students per class and an average of 8, you'll benefit from an individualised learning experience as they'll be able to identify and help you obtain your specific needs. The school is conveniently located aroudn the corner from the Seomyeon metro station, which is an excellent starting point to explore the rest of the city.


  • Host family (all ages): Seoul & Busan

Renowned for their hospitality, Korean families welcome you with open arms. This choice gives you the opportunity to live in the rhythm of the Korean culture and to appreciate their excellent food. This is one of the best ways to learn more about this fascinating culture, as well as to improve your Korean language skills. You can choose breakfast only or half-board.

Wifi, bedding and towels are included. Living with a host family is a fantastic way to ameliorate your language skills while discovering a completely different culture and traditions. This option is open for students aged 16+.

  • Mini studio in Busan and Seoul

If you'd prefer to be with other international and Korean students, you can live in a mini studio with your own private bedroom and bathroom instead, located in the Gangnam or Seomyeon quarters. Prices include: free WiFi access, bed linen and towels, a chair, a wardrobe & a small fridge. There are laundry facilities available on site and there is a communal kitchen used by all the students. Called "Goshiwon", they are very popular among Korean students. The centre of town is about 15 minute walk away from the residence, making it as central as can be!

Dates & Prices 2019

Dates 2019

Ideally, arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday. However, it is possible to arrange for arrival and departure on other days of the week depending on the flight times available to you.

School Holidays (lessons are not held on those days nor rescheduled): 31/12/2018-04/01/2019, 14/01, 11/02, 21/03, 29/04, 03/05 au 06/05, 15/07, 12/08, 16/09, 23/09, 14/10, 04/11, 23/12, 30/12/2019-03/01/2020

Tarifs 2019

This programme contains classes Accommodation included 24h support

Prices include:

  • Chosen course programme
  • Mini-studio accommodation
  • Enrolment fees
  • Course material
  • Services of English-speaking support staff

Prices do not include:

  • Travel to/from Seoul or Busan
  • Airport transfers (optional)
  • Meals in mini-studio
  • Homestay accommodation, single room, breakfast or half board
  • Visa fees (if any)
  • Key deposit (mini-studio accommodation, to be paid before departure)

Practical Information

Arrival in Seoul

Nearest airport: Incheon International Airport (ICN), located 40 km from Seoul City Centre and connecting directly from Europe. Our partner school offers 24-hour transportation service from the airport to the place you'll be staying. You can consult the 'Prices and Dates tab' to see the relevant fees.

If you wish to organize your own transportation, buses will get you from the airport to the Gangnam quarter. The trip takes about an hour and costs around 15.000 won. The "AREX" train also takes you to Seoul centre. The trip is about 40 minutes long.

Important : please do not book your transport tickets until we have confirmed your course booking.

Arrival in Busan

Nearest airport: Gimhae International Airport (ICN), south-west of Busan. Our partner school offers 24-hour transportation service from the airport to the place you'll be staying. You can consult the 'Prices and Dates tab' to see the relevant fees.

If you wish to organize your own transportation, buses will get you from the airport to the Seomyeon quarter. The trip takes between 30 to 45 minutes and costs around 6.000 won. Trains also offer this connection, The trip is about 30 minutes long and costs around 1.800 won.

Important : please do not book your transport tickets until we have confirmed your course booking.

Visa Information

You might need a visa for this course. For more information please visit our Visa Information page.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you require any additional information.

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