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Mandarin in Beijing or Shanghai.

Why study Mandarin in Beijing or Shanghai?


Beijing and Shanghai

Vast country with an age-old culture, China is nowadays the first economical power in the world. Being able to speak Mandarin and understanding Chinese culture are undeniable assets which will open many doors on the labour market.

You will discover a completely different world to ours, so that when it comes to food, culture, habits and customs you'll sometimes have the feeling to live on a different planet.

Our partner schools

In Beijing and Shanghai, the schools are ideally located, in a central and lively district and close to a subway station. Teaching is adapted to Western students. Classes are held in very small groups so that teachers are able to pay a greater degree of attention to each student. The school also provides a Survival kit to facilitate your arrival in China as well as your everyday life during your stay (see Practical Information tab).


The school is located in the business district, 5 minutes on foot from Da Wang Lu subway station and close to several restaurants, 2 wide malls, a sport complex with a gym and a swimming pool, as well as BEC University.

School facilities include:

The school is perfectly adapted for persons with reduced mobility.


The school is located in the heart of the Shanghai French Concession, close to Shaanxi South Road subway station and a short walk away from the city centre.

School facilities include:

Activities and events during your stay

The school offers a diverse range of social and leisurely activities (at least twice a week) to help students socialize and discover Chinese culture.


Mandarin language courses: the basics

Courses on offer



Single room, shared bathroom, half board

Discover the everyday life of a typical Chinese family and extend your language immersion after the classes. You will be able to taste good Asian dishes cooked by your hosts and discover the city and its surroundings with your family at the evenings or weekends.

Families live in modern flats, in buildings recently built, equipped with WiFi and air conditioning.

Travel time to school:

Families usually live a short walk away from the school or close to a direct bus connection (maximum 45 minutes by public transport).

Practical information:

Optional extra:

Option teaching of English to a member of your family:

In exchange for some of your time dedicated each week to the teaching of English to a member of your host family (6h/week), your accommodation fee will be reduced (see "Dates & Prices" tab")

Travel time to school : maximum 60 minutes by public transport

Flatshare in Beijing


Services and facilities available:

Optional extra:

Flatshare in Shanghai


Services and facilities available:

Optional extra:

Dates & Prices 2019

Dates 2019

Course start dates: Most courses start every Monday year-round (exceptions are outlined below.) If Monday is a holiday then classes will start on the Tuesday.

Beginners (A0/A1) must start on:

Semesters: from 27/08/2019 to 20/01/2020 or 12/02/2020 to 30/06/2020.

Public holidays 2019: 01/01, Chinese New Year 04/02 to 10/02, 05/04, 29/04, 30/04, 01/05, 07/06, 13/09, 01/10 to 07/10. Lessons not held on these dates will be rescheduled during the week or the weekend before the holidays.

Prices 2019

Prices include:

Prices do not include :

Practival Information


Arrivals: Sunday Departures: Saturday

Arrival airport:



Airport transfers available on request (fees apply, please see Dates & Prices)

Please note: Do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your enrolment in your chosen course.

Survival kit

In order to facilitate your arrival in China as well as your everyday life during your stay, the school offers the booking of a survival kit including:

Kit price: see "Dates & Prices" tab


You might need a visa for this course. For more information please visit our Visa Information page.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you require any additional information.