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Medical English for students and adults - ETC

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Why this course?

  • Ages 18+
  • Minimum 1 week
  • The first step towards an international medical career
  • Communication with colleagues
  • Communication with patients
  • Accommodation with host families or in a residence
  • Reduced prices for longer sessions


Stay in Bournemouth

By attending a course in Bournemouth, you will be immersed in the English language and culture, while making the most of the sand, sea and the sun. As a tourist destination with a mild climate, the town also has a large student population. Brimming with students and young professionals, restaurants and bars can be found all over the city. You can even sit outside and enjoy a drink in the late evening sunshine. During the summer months, British tourists and young foreign students come to Bournemouth to learn English, making it a very friendly and international environment.

Described as the 'happiest town in the UK', Bournemouth has the advantage of being a destination that appeals to all: There's no reason it won't be the same for you!

The school

The English language school ETC

ETC or the 'Educational Training Centre' is a family owned school, established in 1989 by a man named David jones. The ETC building is located in the centre of Bournemouth, right beside the main shopping street of Bournemouth. Several bus lines are a mere 10 minute walk away, and you can walk to both the beach and the park! It's an absolutely ideal location to be in.

School facilities include:

  • 44 spacious classrooms across several buildings
  • IT room
  • Library
  • Cafeteria (food cooked on site)
  • A terrace

Accreditations: British Council, English UK

Activites/Excursions during your stay

The school organises cultural and sports activities in the afternoons and evenings. You are very welcome to participate in these activities if you wish, but they are not mandatory. The frequency and variation of these activities depends on the time of year.

Possible activities include:

  • Guided visits of the city
  • Welcome activity, barbecue, DVD nights
  • Museum visits
  • Outings to restaurants/bars/pubs
  • Excursions to London, Oxford, Portsmouth, Swanage, Bath, Christchurch, Salisbury and Stonehenge
  • Bowling (around £7)
  • Swimming (around £8)
  • Laser Game (around £8)
  • Surfing lesson (around £15)


General information

  • Lesson length: 45 minutes
  • Maximum number of students per class: 14
  • Timetable: standard English classes take place in the morning from 08:45 - 12:05, and Medical English classes take place between 14:00 - 16:00
  • Placement test: first day of classes
  • Certificate of participation at the end of your stay
  • Teachers qualified to teach English as a foreign language


  • Medical English: 20 lessons of general English + 10 lessons of Medical English per week

In the mornings you will develop the four fundamental skills needed to conquer any language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. In the afternoons, you will develop your skills in medical English. You will be tasked with group and individual work, case studies, participating in seminars and theory classes. You will have homework to complete and reports will be carried out to evaluate your progress over the course of the programme.

Language level: Intermediate and above (B1+)

What does the training in Medical English involve?

The aim of this course is to improve the participants' level of English in the areas of biology, medical sciences and nursing, medical & surgical care.

The training will enable you to gain English vocabulary relevant to all stages of medical communication; for example the management of a new case, medical exams, pathology research, diagnostics and medical and surgical treatment.

The focus will be on:

  • Vocabulary and the language in the medical domain, as used in medical texts
  • The differences between medical English in North America and in the UK.
  • The abbreviations used in the jargon of English medicine.
  • The workings of the English medical and healthcare systems
  • The new techniques and studies in the field of medicine.
  • General English

Who can do this course?

The Medical English course is aimed at students aged 18+, university students and medical professionals who have an intermediate to high level of English. If you are not at this level, you can start your session with one or additional weeks of general English to make sure your level is up the standard this course requires.


  • Shadow a doctor

If you wish to add a concrete and practical dimension to your training, ETC offer the possibility, as well as your lessons, to follow a docotor in his/her clinic in Bournemouth.

contact us to find out the prices for this option.


Host family

Living with a host family is the most effective solution to explore british culture and to speak English with native speakers, which will give you the opportunity to improve your English everyday.

Single room, shared bathroom, half board during the week a& full board at the weekend

Distance from school: host families generally live in the residential areas surrounding Bournemouth, usually a 20 - 30 minute walk away or next to direct bus line (maximum 50 minute bus journey)

Optional extras

  • Summer period: accommdodation is automatically in shared rooms with a student of a different nationality. Single rooms are harder to come by but can be served for an additional fee and are subject to availability.

Practical information:

  • Bedding and towels provided
  • Option of doing your laundry (the family will usually give you a specific day to do your laundry)
  • Midday meals can be bought at the school cafeteria or one of the many places close to school (restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops etc.)

ETC Residence (not during the summer periods - available from September to June)

Perfect for those who like the idea of sharing their everyday routines with other international participants. The ETC residence is less than a minute from the school, a few minutes to the town centre and five minutes on foot to the beach: an ideal location to enjoy everything that the town has to offer.


  • Shared rooms (double or triple rooms on request & depending on availability)
  • Bedding, wardrobe, radiator and chest of drawers
  • Toilet and bathroom in each toom
  • No meals included
  • Distance from school : 1 minute (on-site)
  • Location: 500m from the centre of town and a few minutes walk to the beach
  • Capacity: 90 students
  • Deposit to be payed on arrival (reimbursable by the school at the end of your stay if no evidence of damage has been found)

Equipment/Services available:

  • Laundry facilities (extra fee)
  • Study room
  • Bedding provided (towels not provided)
  • WiFi connection throughout the building
  • Entrance under surveillance
  • 24 hour reception
  • Rooms are cleaned once a week. The rooms are inspected daily. Students are epxected to keep their rooms clean the rest of the time.

Optional extras:

  • Half board (at the school cafeteria)
  • Mini fridge available for hire at the reception
  • Towels can be hired at reception

Dorchester House residence (available from 08/07 - 19/08)


  • Apartments with 6 - 8 rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a living room
  • Rooms with a large bed, a desk and a leather armchair
  • Toilet and bathroom in each room
  • Self-catering
  • Distance from school: 12 minute bike ride, 15 minute bus ride or a 30 minute walk
  • Location: next to Bournemouth train station and a huge supermarket
  • Deposit to be payed on arrival (please se 'Dates & Prices' tab), reimbursable by the school at the end of your stay if no evidence of damafge has been found.

Equipment/Services available:

  • Fully equipped, modern kitchen (micowaves, cooker, cooking utensils and a large fridge)
  • Laundry facilities (fee paying)
  • Bedding and towels provdided
  • WiFi connection available throughout the whole building
  • Bike shed
  • Rooms are cleaned once a week. The rooms are inspected daily. Students are epxected to keep their rooms clean the rest of the time.

Dates & prices 2018

Dates 2018

Session start dates: the majority of classes start every Monday, all year round (apart from the exceptions outlined below). If Monday falls on a holiday then classes will start on the Tuesday.

Holidays: 30/03, 02/04, 07/05, 28/05, 27/08, 22/12/18 au 06/01/19

Programme prices -

Inlcuding course, accommodation, meals as described, all taxes & enrolment fees

Book now
Course & homestay accommodation, single room (not during the summer), half board
Duration20 lessons24 lessons28 lessons40 lessonsSpecial 30 lessons
1 week415 £435 £455 £565 £565 £
2 weeks685 £725 £765 £985 £985 £
3 weeks950 £1,010 £1,070 £1,400 £1,400 £
4 weeks1,220 £1,300 £1,380 £1,820 £1,820 £
6 weeks1,760 £1,880 £2,000 £2,660 £2,660 £
8 weeks2,300 £2,460 £2,620 £3,500 £3,500 £
12 weeks3,380 £3,620 £3,860 £5,180 £5,180 £
16 weeks4,460 £4,780 £5,100 £6,860 £-
18 weeks4,945 £5,075 £5,665 £7,645 £-
20 weeks5,540 £5,940 £6,340 £8,540 £-
24 weeks6,425 £6,910 £7,385 £10,025 £-
32 weks8,460 £9,100 £9,740 £13,260 £-
36 weeks9,425 £10,145 £10,865 £14,825 £-
Extra week265 £285 £305 £380 £-
Course & residence accommodation, shared room, self-catering
Duration20 lessons24 lessons28 lessons40 lessonsSpecial 30 lessons
1 week405 £425 £445 £555 £555 £
2 weeks665 £705 £745 £965 £965 £
3 weeks920 £980 £1,040 £1,370 £1,370 £
4 weeks1,180 £1,260 £1,340 £1,780 £1,780 £
6 weeks1,715 £1,835 £1,955 £2,615 £2,615 £
8 weeks2,235 £2,395 £2,555 £3,435 £3,435 £
12 weeks3,260 £3,500 £3,740 £5,060 £5,060 £
16 weeks4,300 £4,620 £4,940 £6,700 £-
18 weeks4,820 £5,180 £5,540 £7,520 £-
20 weeks5,340 £5,740 £6,140 £8,340 £-
24 weeks6,140 £6,620 £7,100 £9,740 £-
32 weeks8,140 £8,780 £9,420 £12,940 £-
36 weeks9,140 £9,860 £10,580 £14,540 £-
Extra week255 £270 £290 £365 £-
ETC residence options (per week)
Half board 50 £
Extra night40 £
Summer fee (June - August if in shared room)20 £
Summer fee (June - August if in single room)30 £
Dorchester House residence, single room, self-catering (summer period ONLY 08/07 - 18/08/2018)
Extra fee for this residence65 £
Host family extras
Special diet (Vegetarian, halal)20 £
Summer period - single room40 £
Extra night 30 £
Summer fee (June, July & August)30 £
Exam prep, host family, half board
12 week session20 lessons24 lessons
FCE, CAE, IELTS3,250 £3,490 £
Airport/station - accommodation transfer (per journey)
Bournemouth50 £
Southampton85 £
Heathrow155 £
Gatwick185 £
Luton205 £
Stansted255 £
Central London / St Pancras225 £
Classes without accommdoation - Registration fee = 100 GBP
Duration20 lessons24 lessons28 lessons
1 week150 £170 £190 £
2 weeks300 £340 £380 £
3 weeks450 £510 £570 £
4 weeks590 £670 £750 £
6 weeks885 £1,005 £1,125 £
8 weeks1,180 £1,340 £1,500 £
12 weeks1,740 £1,980 £2,220 £
16 weeks2,320 £2,640 £2,960 £
18 weeks2,610 £2,970 £3,330 £
20 weeks2,900 £3,300 £3,700 £
24 weeks3,240 £3,720 £4,200 £
32 weeks4,320 £4,960 £5,600 £
36 weeks4,860 £5,580 £6,300 £
Extra week135 £155 £245 £
Extras charges
Residence deposit200 £
Course materials (standard course)50 £
Course material (intensive course) 70 £
Accompanied travel - Easter and Summer -

All taxes included

Accompanied travel to Bournemouth - summer holidays (fixed price in EUROS) - coach
Departure cityReturn tripOne way
Bruxelles - Lille* - Mons* (coach)215 €135 €
Paris (train** Paris-Lille + coach)375 €215 €

*Easter: Brussels only - please contact us if needs be **Paris: journey from Paris-Lille is unaccompanied

Prices include:

  • 'Medical English' programme
  • Accommodation chosen
  • The accommodation with host family in an individual room (not during summer) or in residence (shared room)
  • Half-board during the week and full-board during the weekend (with host families only)
  • All taxes and enrolment fees

Prices do not include:

  • The journey to and from Bournemouth (included if you choose the accompanied journey option)
  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • With a host family: lunchtime meals (Mon-Fri)
  • In a residence: all meals
  • Transport in and around Bournemouth
  • Course books for sessions lasting between 1 - 3 weeks. These can be loaned for a very low price.
  • Course books for sessions lasting over 4 weeks. Bring £50 for a 20 lesson programme and £70 for an intensive programme (to be payed on-site)
  • Deposit, if applicable (to be payed on-site with a credit card)
  • Exam fees, if applicable
  • Visa fees (Cambrdige exams are around £145, IELTS are around £175)
  • Optional insurance

Practical information


Arrival day: Sunday (after 16:00 in a residence) Departure day: Saturday (before 12:00 in a residence)

Arrival airports/stations (+approximate travel time):

Bournemouth offers regular flights to other English destinations and European cities. Poole also has regular ferries that travel to France.

  • Bournemouth Airport - Bournemouth : 15 minutes (in a taxi)
  • Southampton Airport - Bournemouth : 30 minutes (en taxi) & 38 minutes (by train)
  • London Heathrow - Bournemouth : 1.5 hours (by taxi) & 2.5 hours (by express bus)
  • London Gatwick - Bournemouth : 2 hours (by taxi) & 3.5 minutes (by express bus)
  • London Stansted - Bournemouth : 2h30 (by taxi) & 4 hours (by express bus)

Transfers available on request (please see 'Dates & Prices' tab for fees)

Please note: do not book your ticket before we have confirmed your place in the programme.

Group travel organised by Easy Languages

In July and August, as well as during the Belgian Easter holidays, we organise a weekly journey from Brussels, Mons, Lille and Paris to Bournemouth. More information here.

Journey includes:

  • Accompanied return journey
  • Extra night if the return journey is on a Sunday
  • Transfer to the host family/residence accommodation on arrival


  • The accompanied journey from Paris/Lille or Lille/Paris: a LanguesVivantes team member will always be present from the departing train in Paris to the arrival in Lille, where the students will join the Brussels group.

Visa information

Do you need a visa for this course? For more information on this subject, please consult our page Visa information.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone if you wish to have more information about this.