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General Conditions

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Easy Languages organises language training and academic stays in Belgium and abroad. We are members of the IALC (International Association of Language Centres) and represent private accredited schools, High schools and academies who's education programme were verified by the local authorities.

Travels to the different destinations are to be taken care of by the participants. If needed, Easy Languages can offer administrative and practical assistance. For our summer trips to Bournemouth, bus travels are organised with regular line coaches or private coach companies.

The clauses written below represent the specific conditions of our organisation.

1. Terms of enrollment and payment

1.1 General terms of payment: enrollments and payment deadlines - types of payments - late enrollments 1.2 Stays longer than 12 weeks: balance - accommation fees payable directly - interview in English before definitive payment 1.3 Highschool Programmes : pre-confirmation - deposit - balance

2. Prices of stays: best price guarantee and prices in other currencies

Best Price Guarantee - Prices outside of the EU - Price Reductions

3. Travel and Programme Organisation

Documents - Transportation - Rules of partner school - dates, times and durations of courses - Vacations and Holidays - Accommodation in host family - Special Diets - Age of participants - Problems during the stay and legalities - Student status - Modification of the course during classes

4. Changing programme and Cancellation

Changing Reservation - Cancellation by the participant - Cancellation by Easy Languages

5. Responsibilities of the participant and Easy Languages

Responsibilities of the participant and Easy Languages

6. Special Conditions for underage participants and accompanied programmes

Delays or lost documents - Participants', Group Leaders' and the Organisation's responsibilities - Underage participants

7. Insurance and guarantees

Cancellation Guarantee - Medical Assistance Insurance - Australian Medical Insurance

8. Conditions générales de vente propres à la France

Langues Vivantes Séjours Linguistiques : conditions générales de vente propres à la France