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Join a local secondary school in Adelaide with Australian students. Study English, maths social sciences, arts or technology and share the daily lives of an Australian host family during your stay.

Depending on your level, this program can be combined with normal high school lessons or a full time English course (one term) followed by normal ´High School´. It´s possible to pass complete your High School in Australia and obtain your diploma, which gives you access to higher education/university.

High School Study Abroad in Adelaide - Australia

Unique opportunity to study in an Australian High School. Ages 13 - 18. From 1 trimester to 1 school year (4 trimesters). 1 trimester from €6.995, 1 year from €21,995 (includes room and full board in a host family).

High School in Melbourne, Australia

Study abroad in an Australian High School. EFL bridging courses available. Age 14 1/2 - 17 1/2, 1 term to 1 school year. 1 term from €6,995, 1 year from €17,495 (including your High School Course and Full Board Homestay.)