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Do you want to study in an English college? We offer placements in an English college. In England, "college" refers to an institution between secondary and higher education, that is, between high school and university.

Students are typically between the ages of 16 and 19 who are taking classes in preparation for the AS-Level, A-Level or National Diploma exams that are required for applying to university. Courses usually take place during the day, but very often there are evening or part-time programs designed for older or working students.

With our partner colleges in England, we have developed a program that is designed to prepare foreign students for university in England or back home, or simply to improve their English. Participants can take English lessons alongside academic lessons with British students.

In general, colleges offer courses like sciences, languages, maths, psychologics, law, communication, graphic design etc. But also practical classes such as fashion design and tourism. Participants to this programs can follow an English course most of the time.

Attention, these programs require at least 4 years of English lessons at your school.

Study Abroad at Bournemouth College

Study abroad for 1 or 2 years at Bournemouth College with local British students. (A-Levels or national diploma). Ages 16-18. Homestay or residence accommodation. 1 full academic year from €7,995 (includes residence accommodation, tuition, and registration fees).

Study Abroad at Chichester College

Study abroad 1, 2, or 3 trimesters at Chichester College in the United Kingdom with local British students. (English + A Levels or vocational courses) .For students aged 16 - 18. Homestay or residence accommodation. From € 5,995 per trimester (tuition fees + homestay accommodation, half board).

English college in Brockenhurst

Study abroad for a term, a semester or a full academic year with British students at Brockenhurst College in the United Kingdom. A Levels, Vocational Courses, Foundation Year. Ages 16 to 18. Accommodation in a host family. From € 7.280 for a trimester, €11.995 for a semester, and from €14.900 for an academic year (course + homestay accommodation).

English College in Southampton - Itchen

Study abroad for a term, a semester or a full academic year with local British students at Itchen College in Southampton. A Levels, EU Study Abroad, High School Programme. Ages 16 - 18. Homestay accommodation, half board during the week, full board during the weekend. From €7.695 for one term, €8.995 for a semester, and from €12.995 for an academic year.

Academic term in Bournemouth - English + Business or English + Tourism

Trimester (15 weeks - September to December) or semester (18 weeks - August to December) in Bournemouth. Ages 16-18. Intensive English combined with either English + Business or English + Tourism. From €4.495 for 15 weeks (includes classes, homestay accomodation in a single room with half board)

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