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Australia, New Zealand & Philippines

Known for its awe-inspiring geography, from coral reefs and epic valleys to an enormous spanse of desert, Oceania's natural wonders will blow you away. In addition to the spectacular outdoors, the two are known for their modern and lively cities as well as their very welcoming inhabitants.

We offer programs open to students ages 16 and up who are independent and ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Discover our learning programs in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. These countries full of amazing landscapes are inhabited by incredibly kind people. A special destination.

English in Sydney - International House

English language programme in Sydney. Ages 16+. Minimum stay: 2 weeks. Standard & intensive English classes. Preparation for the IELTS & Cambridge exams and Academic English also available. Homestay or residence accommodation.

English in the Philippines

Study English in the sun while benefitting from attractive fees! Combined lessons as one-on-one and mini-groups of 4 to 8 people. Ages 16+. From 2 - 36 weeks. Residence accommodation, shared room, full board, numerous activities and guaranteed progress.

English in Melbourne

English language programme in Melbourne. Ages 16+. Minimum stay: 2 weeks. Standard, semi-intensive or intensive courses. Preparation for the IELTS & Cambridge exams and Academic English also available. Homestay or residence accommodation.

Immersion Homestays in Australia and New Zealand

Immersion homestay with your own private language teacher! All ages, from 1 week. General or specialized language courses (flexible hours), General Activities, or Culture. Homestay with your teacher, single room, full board. 1 week from US$1,370 (For New Zealand: private lessons, accommodation.)

English in Brisbane, Langports

Language programme in Brisbane. Ages 16+, sessions ranging from 2 - 48 weeks. Standard or intensive English classes, TOEIC, IELTS & Cambridge (FCE & CAE) exam preparation. Accomodation with a host family and possibility of being a demi-pair (free accommodation).

English in Perth - PICE

Study English in Perth! Ages 16+. Minimum 2 week stay. Standard or intensive classes & Cambridge exam preparation (FCE & CAE). Possibility of combining classes with being a demi-pair to save money on accommodation.

English in Auckland, New Zealand - EC/Embassy School

Standard, intensive & semi-intensive courses. IELTS exam preparation available. Ages 16+. 2 week stay starting at NZD 1880 (standard course, host family accommodation, single room, half board). Shared apartment also available for 4 week+ stays for students aged 18+.