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Speaking English is undeniably useful nowadays: from popular culture to international business, English is everywhere. We have programmes to help you kick start or boost your English skills that will help you discover another culture, make new friends, have fun, and completely immerse yourself in another country!

Our destinations cover almost every English-speaking country on the planet: Across the UK and over to Ireland, the USA, Canada, Malta, and all the way down to Australia. We have a program wherever you are looking to go! Our language schools are all accredited by official organizations and our teachers are all qualified in teaching English as a foreign language. Students benefit from high quality teaching and complete cultural immersion.

Great Britain

A unique chance to get a taste of the British way of life. From the famous beach in Bournemouth to Big Ben or all the way to the drones of bagpipes in Scotland, there is plenty of history and culture to be absorbed!

English in Bournemouth - ETCImmersion Homestays in the UKEnglish in Bournemouth - Westbourne AcademyEnglish in London - Greenwich - Oxford IntlEnglish in Oxford - ECEnglish in London - ECEnglish in Brighton - ECEnglish in Cambridge - Studio CambridgeEnglish in London (Ages 30+) - EC

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Explore Ireland and all its riches: Guiness, celtic music, breathtaking green, green scenery...the list goes on. Improve your English in the cities of Dublin, Cork, or Galway, and take advantage of the friendly people and homey vibe.

Immersion Homestays in IrelandEnglish in Dublin - Istudy InternationalEnglish in Cork - CEAEnglish in BrayEnglish in Drogheda - ELIEnglish in Dublin (30+) - ECEnglish in Dublin - ELI

United States of America

The USA will always have something for everyone: Florida, California, New York, Boston, and many more. Our programmes are designed to ensure a good time, whatever your budget. The hardest thing is deciding where....

English in Florida - Fort LauderdaleEnglish in Miami - ECEnglish in San Diego Downtown - CELImmersion Homestays in the USA and CanadaEnglish in New York (30+) - ECEnglish in San Francisco - ECEnglish in Los Angeles - ECEnglish in New York City - ECEnglish in Los Angeles/Santa Monica - CEL

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Do you want to learn English in the sun, but still stay in Europe? Then Malta is the perfect destination for you. Discover this English-speaking isle's cultural and historical riches, all at an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

English in Malta - 30+ - ECEnglish in Malta (EC)English in Malta & Gozo - IELSImmersion Homestays in Malta


Have you dreamed of drizzling maple syrup and cheering from the stands at an ice hockey match all while learning English? Look no further, our programmes in Vancouver and Toronto will fulfill your English-speaking dreams!

English in Toronto - ECEnglish in Vancouver - ITTTIImmersion Homestays in the USA and CanadaEnglish in Toronto (30 +) - EC

Australia, New Zealand & Philippines

Our programs in Australia, New Zealand or the Philippines allow you to discover these magnificent, faraway places all while making real progress in English at an unbeatable price.

English in Sydney - International HouseEnglish in the PhilippinesImmersion Homestays in Australia and New ZealandEnglish in MelbourneEnglish in BrisbaneEnglish in Perth - PICE English in Auckland

Other Destinations

Do you want adventure? Do you like to travel? Learn English in India, the Philippines, South Africa, or even in France! You can combine language courses with sport and culture activities, having fun while learning.

English in the PhilippinesImmersion in an English Homestay in FranceSuper-Intensive English at CERAN (students aged 18+)English in Cape TownImmersion Homestays with English teacher in SpainSuper-Intensive English at CERAN (adults & professionals)

English in Sydney/Bondi Beach

Language programme at Bondi Junction. Ages 16+ for a minimum of 2 weeks. General, standard or instensive English courses, and preparation for the Cambridge/IELTS exams. English for University studies. Accommodation with a host family or in a residence.

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