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Poland is a country rich in history, culture and cuisine: our programme in Krakow, the country's former royal capital, allows students to appreciate everything about it. With history dating back more than a millennium, old ruins are yours to explore, while a new remembrance movement is making Poland's more recent history accessible. Hearty home-style food and pastries are best enjoyed in Poland's small towns that dot the countryside.

Boasting Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and Modern architecture down to its Gothic historic center, Krakow these days is a chic, energetic city. Students learn Polish in at a language school in Krakow or are totally immersed at their teacher's home, and can complement their language study with studying Polish history and Slavic customs. Between mouthfuls of pierogi, students will stand in awe of stately Polish architecture, feel the history in Krakow's Old Town, and maybe even celebrate their own name day.

Make the most of our incredible prices on a trip to the heart of central Europe and the unofficial cultural capital of Poland.

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Immersion homestay with your own private language teacher! All ages. Minimum stay: 1 week. General or specialised language courses (flexible hours), General, Culture, Leisure Activities. Homestay with your teacher, single room & full board.

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