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Language exams are the best way to officially test your level and prove your abilities to international institutions and companies.

To make the most of these tests and get all the odds on your side, preparation lessons are available in some schools. They will provide you with guidance for optimal learning, enable you to learn from your mistakes and prepare you with the specific exam requirements. So you can take your exam with confidence!


The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) evaluates candidates' abilities of non-native English speakers to speak and understand English as spoken and written in secondary and higher education institutions.

English in Miami - ECEnglish in Toronto - ECEnglish in Malta (EC)English in Vancouver - ITTTIEnglish in San Diego Downtown - CELEnglish in New York City - ECEnglish in Toronto (30 +) - ECEnglish in San Diego Pacific Beach - CEL


The TOEIC tset of English is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. Organizations in over 120 countries trust the TOEIC to evaluate non-native speakers, and more than 6 million tests are administered each year.

English in Toronto - ECEnglish in Vancouver - ITTTIEnglish in Toronto (30 +) - EC


IELTS is a test of English language ability. It allows test takers to evaluate their level of English for entry into an English-speaking university, and is also recognized worldwide by employers.

English in Bournemouth - ETCEnglish in Toronto - ECEnglish in Bournemouth - Westbourne AcademyEnglish in Malta (EC)English in Vancouver - ITTTIEnglish in Cork - CEAEnglish in MelbourneEnglish in Oxford - ECEnglish in London - ECEnglish in Brighton - EC

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TestDaF and DSH

The TestDaF is an exam for advanced German speakers. Completion of this test is required to enroll for higher education in Germany.

German in Berlin - DIDGerman in Frankfurt - DIDGerman in Munich - DIDGerman in HamburgGerman in Heidelberg


The DELE exam is the official tests to check your Spanish language level. They are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in Spain.

Spanish in Madrid - EnforexSpanish in Alicante Spanish in Barcelona - EnforexSpanish in Benalmádena (Malaga) - Colegio MaravillasSpanish in Valencia - EnforexSpanish in Seville - EnforexSpanish in Marbella - Enforex


DELF and DALF test non-natives speakers competencies in French. The test is available in an adapted version either for for juniors or adults.

French in Montpellier - LSFFrench in NiceFrench in Aix-en-ProvenceFrench in Normandy

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