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England is closer than you think! Our different holiday programs are aimed at young people between the ages of 8 and 19: English courses with excursions, sports (golf, tennis, horseback riding, dance) or music options, classes at your teacher's home... These programs have been designed to fill the gaps in your knowledge of English and combine studying with having a good time. Among the destinations are: Bournemouth, London, Cambridge and many other cities in Great Britain but also in Ireland.

Easy Languages offers, during the summer and Easter holidays, organised trips, so that the students can travel safely, with a team of supervisors and activities appropriate to their age: visit our page travel to Bournemouth to see all the programmes that are compatible with this accompanied travel option.

14 - 19 yrs - Bournemouth - Homestay Holiday Programme

For students aged 14- 9, spring/Easter and summer holidays language programme. 1 to 4 weeks. Group travel every weekend. 1 week from €495 (including course, Homestay in shared room and half-board).

10 -15 yrs - Bournemouth - Homestay Spring & Summer Camp

Spring/Easter & Summer holidays language programme in Bournemouth. For 10-11, 12-13 and 14-15 year olds. Minimum stay: 1 week. English course combined with a supervised activity programme. Homestay (host family) full board accommodation. International summer programme.

12 - 17 yrs - Bournemouth - Residence International Summer Camp

Supervised English summer programme. "English and activities", open for students aged 12-17 for a period of 1 to 4 weeks.

9 - 17 yrs - English & Sport | Residence - Summer Camp

Summer programme with first-class sports coaching and English lessons for ages 9-17, 1-3 weeks. Residential accommodation, full-board. Starting from €1655 per week.

10-16 yrs - English & Music/Singing | Residence Summer Camp

English Summer Camp with Music & Singing. Learn English and study, practise and improvise with professional musicians, voice and sports coaches. Ages 10-16 for a period of 1 - 3 weeks. Public school residence accommodation with full board. 1 week from €1655.

14-17 yrs - London (Twickenham) - Homestay | Summer Camp

Learn English in London in the summertime ! Ages 14 - 17, 1 week stay minimum. General English course with activities & visits around London. Homestay accommodation (host family). 1 week from €1195, 2 weeks from €2395 (20 lessons per week, full board Homestay, activities & visits).

12 - 17 yrs - Oxford | Summer Camp - Tennis or Multiactivity Programme

Summer Camp in Oxford! Ages 12 - 17. Minimum 2 week stay. Standard or intensive General English classes combined with Multi-activity or Tennis options. Homestay or Residence accommodation, full board. 2 weeks from € 1695

13-16 | 16-19 yrs - Cambridge | Holiday programme - Studio Cambridge

Holiday programme in Cambridge during Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer school holidays. General English and subject specific options, intensive English. From 1 to 9 week stays, students aged 13-16 or 16-19. 2 weeks from €1750 (including 20 lessons per week, activities, full board Homestay). Both Homestay (host family) and Residence accommodations are available.

13 -17 yrs - London - Residence | Summer Camp

Summer English programme in the heart of London, for students aged 13-17. Starting from 1 week. English lessons, London sightseeing, supervised activities, full board Residence accommodation. 1 week from €1295, 2 weeks from €2415 (English course, activities and full board residence accommodation).

14-17 yrs - Bournemouth - Host Family - Accompanied travel | International summer stay

From 14 to 17 years old, international group language stay, summer holidays. 1 to 3 weeks. Accompanied travel on the dates indicated. One week from 795€ (including course, accommodation in a host family, shared room, full board, activities and excursion).

18-25 yrs - London - Residence | Summer Stay

Summer stay in the centre of London for students aged 18-25. From one week onwards. English courses, visits to London's must-see places, supervised activities, accommodation in residence, full board. 1 week from €1 295 ; 2 weeks from €2 415€ (English course, activities and full board residence accommodation)

8-16 years - Scotland - Residence | Summer Camp

Ages 8-16, Summer Camp for juniors and teen agers with sports, adventure and outdoor activities. 1 to 7 weeks. From €1195 for 1 week (lessons, activities, residence accommodation, full board, shared room).

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