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Our English programs help young people explore the English-speaking world: from Oxford to Glasgow in the UK, or across the Atlantic to New York and over to California, not to mention classic destinations like Malta and Bournemouth. All of our programs offer efficient language teaching, complemented by activities and excursions adapted to any age.

United States of America

Exotic and stimulating holidays for your teen? Have a look at our summer camps in the US: English lessons, supervised activities, sports programmes...

12-18 yrs - Florida12-18 yrs - Fort Lauderdale - Homestay | Summer camp12-18 yrs - New York | Summer Camp12-18 yrs - San Diego - Homestay | Summer Camp Cultural immersion with a host family in the USA


Learn English in one of the sunniest English-speaking destinations in the world at the smallest price! Programs combine language and culture, with a host family or in a residence.

12-17 yrs - Malta | Summer Camp EC8 - 13 yrs - Malta | Summer Camp EC 8-12 & 13-17 yrs - Malta | Summer Camp IELS


Learn English in Bruges, combining language courses with sport activities or explorations of the region. Ideal for younger students (10-14) who are trying a linguistic exchange for the first time.

8 - 17 yrs - English in Bruges - Flanders | Spring & Summer Camp9 - 17 yrs - Intensive English in Belgium - CERAN | Summer Camp


Explore Ireland and all its riches: Guiness, celtic music, breathtaking green, green scenery...the list goes on. Improve your English in the cities of Dublin, Cork, or Galway, and take advantage of the friendly people and homey vibe.

Total Immersion Homestay in Ireland - No Language Course9 - 17 yrs - Dublin - Residence accommodation | Summer Camp12- 17 yrs - Dublin city centre - Host family | Summer CampSpecial 16-19 years - Dublin - Host family | Summer Camp10-17 years - Dublin region - Host family | Summer Camp

Other Destinations

For the more adventurous...check out our English programs outside of the USA and England: Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada...

Immersion in an English Homestay in France13-17 years old - Toronto - Host family | Summer stay

14-17 years old - School Immersion in Australia | Summer

School Immersion Program in Australia during the summer (8 weeks or 1 school term). Live as a young Australian, attend classes in a local high school and share the daily life of a host family. From 14 to 17 years old. Choice of 8 weeks or one school term (about 11 weeks). 8 weeks: 4.995€ (tuition, accommodation and return flight); school term: 6.295€ (tuition, accommodation, orientation course in Sydney and return flight)

13-17 years - Brisbane area - Homestay | Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Australia, in the Brisbane area. Stays from 2 to 8 weeks, ages 13-17. English & Multi-activities in Noosa, English & Surfing in Byron Bay. Homestay accommodation. 2 weeks from €1975 (15 hours of English lessons per week, activities, homestay, full board).

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Go to: Home​ → Holiday programmes for teens (8-12, 13-15, 16-20 year olds)


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