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Total Immersion Homestay without language course

Staying with a host family is designed to allow students to learn the language of the country of choice through total immersion in a new environment. It also allows students to learn about other cultures while having a fun experience and often making long-lasting friendships with the host family.

The focus of this programme is on the student participating in daily family life and activities. Students will be placed with a family who have a child of the same gender and similar age (+/- 2 years). Each and every family is carefully selected, checked and approved.

We offer a large selection of homestays to suit everyone's interests: homestay with horseriding, golf,tennis, sport camps...

Total Immersion Homestay in Ireland - No Language Course

Total immersion homestay with an Irish host family, no language course. Ages 10 - 18. 1 - 4 weeks. Host family with children of a similar age. Guaranteed no same-nationality students in the same homestay. Total immersion, immersion & horse riding, immersion & golf, farmstay, immersion & excursions, immersions & sports camp or leisure. Full board. 2 weeks from €1190 (total immersion).

Total Immersion Homestay in France - No Language Course

Total immersion homestay with an French host family, no language course. 13 + yrs, minimum. 1 week stay. 2 weeks starting from €1240, 4 weeks from €1895 (including homestay accommodation, full board, 1 activity or excursion per week).