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The Arab world is both ancient and modern, old and new, innovative and traditional. From the age-old Egyptian pyramids to the newly constructed mega-skyscrapers of Dubai, the Arabic-speaking world is at an exciting crossroads. In Morocco's capital city, students discover the Arabic language inside the classroom and outside amongst Rabat's bazaars, cafes and people.

Our Arabic program acquaints learners both beginner and advanced with the intricacies of Classical Arabic and street-spoken Moroccan or Maghrebi Arabic. Students can walk around the historic and peaceful Medina, make their way through the hustle and bustle of marketplaces, and learn about the great storytelling tradition of Rabat and Morocco.

Arabic in Rabat, Morocco

Standard, intensive or private Arabic classes. Ages 16+. Minimum 2 week stay. Homestay or residence accommodation. Prices starting from €840 (courses and accommodation with a host family, single room, half board).

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