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Italy is, first and foremost, its citizens: their charm, kindness, spontaneity, and of course, their pride, make Italy an exciting place to visit and study. Be a part of this unique mosaic-like country whose blend of history, art (fashion, haute couture, design...), art history, gastronomy, music, beaches, isles, and seaside resorts, along with a ubiquitous romanticism, guarantees unforgettable memories for participants of all ages.

Our partner language schools are situated in typical towns offering non-stop culture and attractions: Rome speaks for itself, Florence and Bologna are historic university towns, Milan will single handedly seduce any shopaholic and Rimini is known for its beaches and sunny climate. Any takers?

Italian in Rome

Study Italian in Rome! Ages 16 and up, from 1 week. Standard or Intensive General Italian courses. Homestay or shared apartment accommodation. 2 weeks from €795 (20 lessons, shared apartment accommodation, self-catering.)

Italian in Venice

Language programme in Venice. General Italian lessons, "small budget" lessons, combined courses, individual lessons and art classes. Accommodation with a host family or in a residence. Ages 16+ , minimum stay of one week starting from €455 (course & accommodation in homestay, single room, without meals).

Italian in Sicily - Taormina

Study Italian in Taormina! Ages 17+, sessions starting from 1 week. Standard, semi-intensive or intensive Italian, private lessons, Italian & thematical option. Homestay or apartment accommodation. 1 week from €515 (10 lessons, apartment accommodation, single room, self-catering.)

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Go to: Home​ → Students aged 16+


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