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Japan, whose name is often translated as the "Land of the Rising Sun", is renown as much for its super-advanced economy as for its rich historical and cultural heritage. Its influences on the global market have touched all domains: video games, manga, state-of-the-art technology, karaoke... this country never ceases to innovate or wow. The safety and quality of life that typify this country makes it an ideal and unique destination to learn Japanese. A true change of scenery, taste and sound await!

Japanese in Tokyo

Standard and intensive Japanese lessons in Tokyo, Ages 18+. Language and cultural immersion. Minimum 1 week stays, homestay, guest house or flatshare accommodation. 2 weeks from €1 550(15 lessons/week, homestay accommodation, half board or flatshare, self catering)

Japanese in Tokyo - 1-year programmes

Japanese lessons in Tokyo, ages 16+: conversation or intensive classes for 1 schoolyear. Accommodation with a host family, single room, half board during the week, full board at the weekend. From €14385 (10 months of intensive lessons and accommodation).

Japanese in Kobe

Japanese language programme in Kobe. Ages 18+, standard and intensive course. Language and cultural immersion. Minimum 1 week stay. Host family or residence accommodation. 2 weeks from 1 290€ (15 lessons/week, residence accommodation, self catering)

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Go to: Home​ → Students aged 16+


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