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China is a country of contrasts, where one finds ancient culture mingling with super-modern skyscrapers, impressively sleek business districts alongside old traditional houses. Its remarkable palaces and temples are sights to see, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City attracting millions of visitors each year. China is not only staggering in its population but equally in its history and culture that reverberates across the land.

With China as a global power, Mandarin is becoming an increasingly important language and having a command of the language is a serious asset. Our language programs in Beijing and Shanghai put students on the fast track to progress in both written and spoken Chinese, as well as give them a better understanding of the country's many traditions, customs, manners, and way of life. Mandarin is a definite plus for an CV in todays job market, and our programs can help you reached your desired level.

Mandarin in Beijing or Shanghai.

Study Mandarin in Beijing or Shanghai!. Ages 18+, 1 week stay minimum. Standard Mandarin courses or combined with particular lessons. Homestay or flatshare accommodation. 1 week from USD 670 (20 lessons, flatshare, self-catering)

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