Easy Languages

Our programmes

Our short-term or holiday programmes generally combine language learning and opportunities to explore the local culture, take part in sport activities, and relax. The courses are serious and focused primarily on oral practice, and the schools generally offer excursions and extra-curricular activities for interested students. And younger students benefit from supervision adapted to their age.

Our academic programmes offer officially recognised full-time course formulas, which gives the participant the status of a student and allows the parents to conserve any financial aid. The classes themselves leave plenty of free time for the students to make the most of cultural and leisure activities organised by the school, and to explore the local area by themselves.

Our schools

All of our partners are serious, committed institutions with whom we've been working for years. Their staff supervise the students and, if need be, take care of any issue which may arise.

We only work with schools possessing these characteristics:

Our families

Our host families are carefully selected by our partner institutions. In the majority of cases, the families are used to welcoming overseas students and do all they can to ensure their stay is perfect.

They are not necessarily traditional families of two parents with children, but are always open-minded and available people ready to welcome students from abroad, whatever the exact family situation. And in case of any problems, the local school - and Easy Languages - will be there to help you solve them.