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Private High School in Galway

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Programme Summary

  • From one term to an academic year
  • Age: 15 to 19 years
  • Participation in cultural/sporting activities with the school
  • Staying with an Irish family
  • A unique and unforgettable experience



Our partner school is a private mixed school in the centre of Galway. Founded in 1992, it is renowned for its excellence and is one of the three best schools in the country for the number of university applicants.

The advantages of studying in a private school are countless:

  • Fewer students per class
  • Individual attention for each student
  • The 320 students that make up the school represent 26 different nationalities guaranteeing an optimal cultural mix.
  • The modern equipment at the school (science labs, design technology studios, kitchens, music rooms, gyms etc) guarantee high quality lessons for the students.

The teachers and the school staff offer individual attention to their students, in order to help them achieve their aims. So that the students do not lose their motivation, meetings are often arranged with the head and deputy head master of the school. This will allow students to clearly outline their aims, express any doubts and find solutions so that they stay goes as best as it possibly can.


From the fifteen subjects offered by the school, you can choose six or seven, depending on your interests, you level and goals. Lessons take place from Monday to Thursday from 8.45 to 12.50, and from 13.50 to 16.45, and on Friday from 8.45 to 14.30. In the evenings from Monday to Thursday, as well as Saturday mornings, students who want to have the opportunity for extra study.

The subjects offered are:

  • English, Irish, French, German, Spanish
  • Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Economics
  • Agriculture, Construction, Business, Accountancy, Art, Music, History, Design, Graphic communication

Additional workshops take place throughout the year to help students with their school workload: taking notes, revision, reading, listening etc...

It is a unique opportunity to discover new subjects or perfect those that you already know. Students are free to choose subjects that they are interested in.


As a supplement to the lessons, the school offers activities and excursions such as:

  • Visit to Galway
  • Cinema evening each month
  • Golf and rugby tournaments
  • Paintballing afternoons
  • Excursions discovering Irish cities etc.

On Location

Irish Host Families

Accommodation in an Irish host family allows students to discover the Irish way of life and to practice the language with native speakers. The accommodation offered is in a single room and includes full board.

This is an ideal way for students to have regular communication with native English speakers, accelerating the learning process. All families are carefully selected by our local representative according to strict hospitality criteria. Depending on preference and availability, they can be located close to school or the town centre.

Your tutor

Throughout their academic stay at Galway, students will have the help of a tutor who will help them in case of problems, as much in the school as with the host family.

As it is important to be able to react quickly in case of any problems, the tutor remains in easy contact with the students on site.


Discover Galway

Galway is different, unique and special. As Ireland’s Cultural Capital, Galway has been described by W.B. Yeats as the ’Venice of the West’. It lies on the Atlantic west coast with the river Corrib running through the city.
The city is like its people - warm, friendly, welcoming - a community with a sense of Ireland’s past and a sharp eye on Ireland’s future. They can share with you their clean environment, a thriving artistic and dramatic culture, traditional pubs with music to suit all tastes, top quality restaurants and a full calendar of festivals: poetry, the arts, music, horse-racing, oyster, show-jumping. Galway is an ideal location for the sport enthusiast: golf, fishing, horse-riding, tennis and badminton are all easily accessible.
Galway is Europe’s fastest growing city with a population of 66,000 people and is the gateway to Connemara and the Aran Islands, areas of unique ecological and geographical importance. The majority of its industries are based on modern technology, computers, telephone systems and medical equipment. It is an ancient city and had important trade links with Europe in the sixteenth century - Christopher Columbus was one of its most famous tourists.

Why Ireland?

International education is not a new concept in Ireland - Irish monasteries have been known as the most important centres of education over 1500 years ago! This tradition has continued for centuries, and Ireland has since then accepted many students from the four corners of the world.

The Irish education system is more successful and effective than that in Europe. Ireland is a country with one of the highest rates of students in secondary schools pursuing higher education studies afterwards.

The Irish education system

Irish Secondary Schools divide up into two main cycles: Junior and Senior. Students entering the Junior Cycle follow a generalised program, while those who enter the Senior Cycle already begin preparing for higher education with a more specialised course program (sciences, literature, etc...).

At the end of each cycle, a public exam determines a pupil's level: the Junior Leaving Certificate for the younger students, the Transition Year and Leaving Certificates for the final three years. This last diploma is also the means of entry into English and Irish universities. To acquire it, you need to study two years in secondary school.

The program that we offer, a period of 1 or 2 terms, or an academic year, is aimed at students entering the final cycle (the Senior Cycle). Depending on your age and level of English, you can integrate in a class in the final or pre-final year of secondary school:

  • Fifth Year: 15-16 years
  • Sixth Year: 16-19 years

The Irish academic year is divided into three terms. As an international student, you can enrol in a class for one, two, or three terms.


Our partner school is located in the heart of Galway City. This private, co-educational school has a long-established reputation for educational excellence. Founded in 1992, Yeats College is following its ethos of "A great school gives you education for life" since then.

The advantages of studying in a private school are undeniable: the number of pupils per class is reduced, so that individual attention can be allocated to each student. The 320 pupils which make up the school represent 26 different nationalities, which guarantees a optimal cultural mix. Lastly, the school's modern facilities (science lab, art and design studio, kitchens, music room, gymnasium, etc.) ensure a quality educational experience.

Teachers and staff give their full attention to the student's individual requirements and ambitions. So that students don't lose their momentum or motivation, there are regular meetings with Principal and Vice-Principal of the school. This allows them to clearly express their goals, doubts, and to find solutions together, making their stay that much better.

Practical Info

Conditions of participation

  • Must be aged between 15 and 19 and a half at time of departure
  • Must have sufficient language skills to be able to communicate without too much difficulty (at least 2 years or 250+ hours of language study with good results)
  • Must have attained good school results the last 2 years
  • Must have the will to make new friends and to share in the daily life of a host family
  • Must be able to justify motivation, maturity, and adaptability

Terms of enrolment

If you fulfil the participation conditions, then you should enrol as soon as possible.

You will then receive a preliminary confirmation and we will contact you for a telephone interview, during which we will evaluate your level of English. If your level seems adequate, we will invite you to pay an advance of 1000 € in order to confirm your enrolment and initiate the process.

Then we will ask you to take part in a second, more thorough interview in our offices in Paris or Brussels.

A fee of 70 € is payable on the day of this interview at the latest if an advance has not yet been paid. This fee is non-refundable and is deductible from the final balance in case of a definitive enrolment.

If the interview is favourable, we will then send you by post a folder to complete. This will require: letters of recommendation from your teachers, vaccination certificates, a letter addressed to your host family, and other documents necessary for the consideration of your application to Ireland.

Enrolment deadlines

The deadline for submitting the above mentioned folder is:

  • 15th of March if you are leaving in August
  • 15th of September if you are leaving in January
  • 15th of December if you are leaving in May

The pre-enrolment forms must be completed and submitted to our offices in Brussels or Paris at least one month before the folder submission deadline.

Prices & Dates

Dates 2014:

  • First term: From September to December
  • Second term: From January to April
  • Academic year: From September to June
Programme prices -

All taxes and booking fees included, course, accommodation and meals as described.

Book Now
Course DurationPrice
Term 1 (sept.-dec.)9,650 €
Term 2 (jan-april)9,650 €
Year (sept.-june)19,800 €
Airport transfers - per journey (compulsory for under 18's)
Galway55 €
Shannon/Knock180 €
Cork/Dublin370 €
Extras to be paid for on arrival
Uniform100 €
Material (transition year)200 €
Material (junior/senior year)400 €

Prices include:

  • Enrolment and placement in our partner school
  • Selection of and placement in a host family
  • Detailed and personalised information on all of the aspects of your trip
  • Advance interview
  • Accommodation, meals, and laundry, as if a member of the host family
  • Personal assistance, constant support, and tutor's advice during your stay
  • Class materials
  • All enrolment, administrative, and candidature exam fees.

Prices do not include:

  • Travel to/from Galway
  • Transfers and public transport
  • Possible medical insurance
  • Possible excursions
  • Possible visa fees
  • Accommodation during Christmas and Easter holidays
  • Pocket money
  • Uniform (around €100)
  • Course books (€35 per book)

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