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Spanish in Alicante

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Programme Summary:

  • Relaxed and friendly environment
  • Spanish courses for adults and teenagers aged 16+
  • General, intensive, or individual Spanish classes
  • Accommodation in host family with half-board or shared apartment
  • DELE preparation courses available
  • Cultural workshops
  • Activities and excursions programmes
  • Course duration: 2 weeks to 1 year



Lessons begin every Monday, except for complete beginners (see dates). All levels are accepted and classes are made up of a maximum of 10 students.

The first Monday after arrival, students take an evaluation to establish their level of Spanish. One lesson lasts 50 minutes and stays are a minimum of two weeks.

Lessons generally take place in the morning. Nonetheless, in peak season (June to September), lessons can also take place in the afternoons between 15.00 and 20.00 (the number of hours depends on the programme you choose).

We offer the following programmes:

  • Standard programme The standard programme includes 15 Spanish lessons.

  • Intensive programme This programme includes 25 Spanish lessons, five lessons per day.

  • Extra-intensive programme The extra-intensive programme is made up of 30 Spanish lessons and takes the following format: 5 group lessons and 1 individual lesson per day.

  • DELE exam preparation (minimum two weeks) These lessons are focused on DELE preparation (Diploma in Spanish as a foreign language) enabling students to attain three different levels of Spanish, all recognised by the Instituto Cervantes. This qualification is a big help for those students looking to study in a Spanish university or work in a Spanish speaking country.

The DELE preparation lessons include 25 Spanish lessons in small groups as well as five additional sessions in mini-groups (from 1 to 5 students).

The exam dates and prices are set by the Instituto Cervantes (see Dates and Prices tab).

  • Individual lessons The individual lessons enable students to take advantage of a personalised curriculum. These lessons include five or six lessons a week and can be a supplement to the group lessons. This programme is perfect for those looking to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

Excursions & Activities

Throughout the year, the school organises visits and cultural activities during the week and on Saturdays.



Alicante is a coastal town on Spain's eastern seaboard, in the heart of the Costa Blanca. A beautiful beach city, an international airport and a population of 290,000 inhabitants. It is the city of dreams for tourists, with its turquoise-blue waters, palm trees and Mediterranean climate boasting 300 days of sunshine a year. The city finds itself in a region home to the best vineyards in Spain, and is famous for its wine and olives.

This culturally rich city, founded by the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca in the 3rd century BC, offers stunning panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea from its impressive city walls or from the Citadel. Castles, churches, cathedrals and even and old palace add to its old-world charm. This typical Spanish city has various cultural centres, shops and a lively night life, as well as numerous outdoor activities, such as windsurfing, water skiing, tennis, golf, and horseback riding.


Founded in 1998, our partner school has been recognized by the Instituto Cervantes for many years. Attracting students from many different countries, the school has a vibrant, international atmosphere.

Class sizes are kept small in order to provide individual attention. Spanish classes are based on a modern teaching method, combining professional written and oral instruction with direct and personal contact to the Spanish culture. And with its free Language Conversation Exchange, the school promotes the use of Spanish outside of the classroom, offering students the chance to pick up some social behaviour patterns and manners, colloquialisms and "street slang", for example.


We offer accommodation in homestays or in shared apartments. Accommodation is booked from Saturday to Saturday.

  • Homestay

Staying with host family is the best way to fully delve into the Spanish language and culture. We take enormous care in selecting the best host family for the student and all of our families are carefully screened. Students are encouraged to spend time with their families in order to make the most out of their stay in the country. It is possible that you will take part in their daily lives, from going shopping to visiting friends on the weekends.
Students stay in a single room (or double for students traveling together). Host families provide bedding and linens and serve breakfast and an evening meal. Full-board is also available as an option.

  • Shared Apartment

Students stay in single rooms (or double if traveling together). Apartments include all comforts to ensure a pleasant stay: well-equipped kitchen, living room, dining room, TV, washing machine, bathroom etc. Apartments are located in close proximity to shops and restaurants. Meals are not included.

Prices & Dates 2015

Dates 2015

Stays are booked from Saturday to Saturday. Lessons start every Monday, year round.

Beginners can start on the following dates: 5/1; 2/2; 2/3 30/3, 27/4; 25/5; 8/6, 22/7 29/7; 6/7 13/7, 20/7 et 27/7; 3/8 et 10/8; 17/8 & 24/8; 7/9 & 21/9; 19/10; 16/11.

The school is closed and lessons will not take place and are not refunded on the following dates: 1/1, 19/3, 3/4 & le 16/4, 1/5, 24/6, 12/10, 8/12. The school will be closed during the Christmas holidays from the 21st December - 27th December 2015.

Programme prices -

All taxes and enrolment fees included

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Lessons & accommodation in apartment, single room, no meals
Duration15 lessons25 lessons
2 weeks500 €550 €
3 weeks690 €765 €
4 weeks900 €1,000 €
6 weeks1,320 €1,470 €
8 weeks1,740 €1,940 €
12 weeks2,340 €2,520 €
16 weeks3,020 €3,260 €
18 weeks3,390 €3,660 €
20 weeks3,760 €4,060 €
24 weeks4,500 €4,860 €
32 weeks5,820 €6,300 €
36 weeks6,540 €7,080 €
Additional week175 €185 €
Course extras (per week)
Super Intensive course (25 & 5 individual)115 €
25L + 5L DELE preparation125 €
5 individual lessons150 €
10 individual lessons300 €
Accommodation extras (per week)
Accommodation reduction if arriving as a pair15 €
Additional night45 €
Accommodation with host family (single room)85 €
Full-board with host family20 €
Airport transfer from Alicante airport
On arrival 50 €
Lessons only - price per week
Enrolment fee: 60 euros
Duration15 lessons25 lessons25&5
2 weeks210 €260 €440 €
3 weeks315 €390 €660 €
4 weeks410 €510 €870 €
6 weeks810 €960 €1,500 €
8 weeks1,040 €1,240 €1,960 €
12 weeks1,320 €1,500 €2,580 €
16 weeks1,680 €1,920 €3,360 €
18 weeks1,890 €2,160 €3,780 €
20 weeks2,100 €2,400 €4,200 €
24 weeks2,520 €2,880 €5,040 €
32 weeks3,200 €3,680 €6,560 €
36 weeks3,600 €4,140 €7,380 €
Additional week90 €105 €195 €

Prices include:

  • Chosen programme
  • Chosen accommodation with meals as described
  • All administrative and enrolment fees
  • Course books

Prices do not include:

  • Flights to and from the destination
  • Possible transfers

Practical Info


  • Arrival airport: Alicante (ALC)
  • An optional transfer is available between airport and accommodation
    • see price table.

If you prefer, Easy Language can book your flights for you. This must be made clear at the moment of enrolment.

If you intend to book your own flight, try to arrive the Saturday before the start of your course and leave the Saturday following its end.

Visa Information

Do you need a Visa for this programme? For more information, please consult our page Visa Information.

Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email if you require any further information.


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