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Total Immersion Homestay in Ireland - No Language Course

Why choose total immersion in Ireland?


Total Immersion

Total immersion is a tried-and-tested way to make progress in a foreign language, developing both fluency and confidence and exploring the culture, customs and history underpinning the language. As you make progress, you will share experiences with your host family and discover their way of life. Our partner guarantees that you will be the only native speaker of your first language in your Homestay, meaning you have absolutely no opportunity to revert back into your native language. All our partner school's Homestays have at least one child in the family.

Flexibility and communication are key! In addition to that, students should be sociable, open-minded, responsive and very willing to share their lives and ideas with a new family. It is essential that you adapt to a new culture while you are there, as you will be completely immersed within a foreign culture and language constantly. To get the most out of your stay, we also recommend that students have at least 2 to 3 years' experience of studying English.

English language level: for those who do not have a high enough level or English to be be able to communicate easily or fur students under the age of 14, it is advised that they take private English classes to ensure that they integrate into Irish life. These classes will be given by a teacher who will be able to give you lessons inside the host family's home.

Your Homestay

The host families are carefully screened and interviewed by our Irish partner organisation, which has been successfully arranging Irish homestays for young people from around the world since 1979. Most Irish families live in small towns or the countryside. Students can be placed all over Ireland, but most will stay with host families in small towns in the Midlands Region or in the countryside, depending on your chosen option.

Family values are important to the Irish and they are known for their warmth and hospitality. All the host families have at least one child of a similar age to the students they host (1-2 years difference). This is a great way to make friends with someone the same age and have another child to converse with.

Please note: 99% of the families have access to wireless Internet connection, but sometimes it is not always available, depending on their location.


Combine your total immersion Homestay with an exciting activity programme to make the most of your time with your host family, which will be carefully matched according to personality and interests. Choose from horse riding, golf, sports or leisure activities, and many more.

For people who wish to attend English lessons, we offer a programme at the teacher's home.

Immersion & Day Camp : for the following programmes, the family drives the student to the camp and picks them up at the end of the day.


You will stay with a carefully screened and interviewed Irish host family, sharing in their day-to-day life.

Single or shared room depending on the host family, full board. Guaranteed no same-nationality students in the same homestay.

Host families have at least one child of similar age to the host student (maximum 1-2 years' difference).

Location: all over Ireland in small towns or the Irish countryside.

Dates & Prices 2019

Dates 2019

Immersion Homestays take place throughout the summer months (June, July and August), in addition to Irish school breaks (except the Total Immersion & Camps programmes which are held at specific dates).

Course start dates:

Immersion & Pony Camp: July: 1, 8, 15, 22; August: 12, 19

Immersion & Tennis Camp: July: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Immersion & Rugby Camp (2 weeks): 1 - 12 July; 15 - 26 July

Immersion & Soccer camp: July: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 ; August: 5, 12, 19

Immersion & Surf: July: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; August: 5, 12, 19 - All sessions are fully booked

Immersion, Surf & Aventure: July: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 ; August: 5, 12, 19 - All sessions are fully booked

Immersion & Adventure Sports: July: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; August: 5, 12, 19

Immersion & MAD Camp (2 weeks): 1 - 12 July

Immersion & Fishing Camp (2 weeks): July: 1, 8, 15, 22

Prices include:

Prices do not include:

Practical Information

Getting There

Arrivals: Saturday or Sunday

Departures: Saturday or Sunday

For Total Immersion, Immersion & Excursions, Immersions & Horse Riding, Farmstay, Immersion & Golf and Immersion at the teacher's home: dates are flexible. Contact us for more information.

Arrival airports and stations:

Accompanied return transfer from Dublin Airport to your destination is mandatory: see price list. Students should arrive 09:00-18:00 and leave 11:00-20:00. Additional fees apply for arrivals and departures outside standard times.

For those leaving early in the morning, the student will be accompanied to Dublin the day before, and will spend the night with one of the families selected by our partner organisation. The student will then be driven to the airport in the morning in order to catch their flight. Extra charge: please see 'Dates & Prices' tab.

Please note: Do not make travel arrangements until we have confirmed your enrolment in your chosen course.

For children under 16: some airlines, such as Ryanair do not allow children under 16 years travelling unaccompanied by an adult and do not offer the service UM (Unaccompanied Minor). It is therefore important to check with the company chosen before booking.

What You'll Need

Immersion & Horse Riding and Immersion & Pony Camp: helmet, safety vest, riding boots, jodhpurs, raincoat.

Immersion & Pony Camp: The horse riding centre may be able to provide a helmet, boots and safety vest. However, we strongly recommend you bring your own riding gear.

Farmstay: Warm, comfortable, practical clothing

Immersion & Golf: appropriate golf wear and golf clubs

Immersion & Tennis Camp: 2 rackets, tennis shoes, appropriate tennis wear, change of clothes

Immersion & Rugby Camp: Rugby shoes, protective gear (shoulder pads, mouth guard, helmet), 3 changes of clothes (rugby shorts, socks, rugby shirt), light rainproof clothing

Immersion & Soccer Camp: shin guards, football boots, running shoes, rainproof clothing

Immersion & Surf Camp: swimming costume, towel

Immersion & Adventure Sports: gym kit (jogging bottoms, sweatshirt, trainers, 1 complete change of clothes, shorts, swimming costumes, T-shirts)

Immersion & MAD Camp: Comfortable clothing

Immersion & Fishing Camp: waterproof boots, waterproof trousers, warm jacket, waders for experienced students